Farewell to the last global queen!

London. Queen Elizabeth II was given a final farewell in the presence of five hundred presidents, prime ministers and kings from around the world. He was cremated with full state honors at Westminster Abbey. After that the process of his burial started. The burial process was completely private, in which only family members participated. She will be buried near the grave of her husband Prince Philip at around 12 pm Indian time and around 7 pm local time. Before that the state ceremony of his last farewell had started at 11 o’clock local time.

His body was taken to Windsor Castle after the public funeral ceremony ended. Members of the royal family also reached there, led by King Charles III. The Queen will be buried near the tomb of her husband Prince Philip at St George’s Memorial Chapel at around 12 pm Indian time. Earlier, heads of state from around the world paid tribute to him at a state funeral. US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden also paid tribute to the Queen. President Draupadi Murmu also attended the state function held on Monday. Emperor Narohito of Japan also attended the ceremony.

Prior to this, the Queen’s coffin was brought from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey, accompanied by a parade of the Royal Guards. The people of the royal family were walking behind the gun carriages. Dean of Westminster David Hoyle performed all the funeral rituals. Condolences and prayers were held on the death of the Queen as per royal customs. Prime Minister Liz Truss gave a short speech. After this a proposal was read from the royal family. Then a two-minute silence was observed across the country. With this the rituals of state honor were completed.

After the state honors, many heads of state, including President Biden, left for their respective countries. After the state honours, the Queen’s coffin was taken to Windsor Castle. There the process of burial will be completed in the presence of family members. Before that, the royal jeweler will take out the Queen’s Crown, which will be taken to the palace. Significantly, Elizabeth II, who was the Queen of Britain for some 70 years, died on 8 September. She was 96 years old.

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