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Fans angry over Lata didi and Bappi Da’s name not appearing in ‘In Memoriam’ section of Oscar and Grammy Awards.

Mumbai | Grammy Awards Lata Bappi : After the death of the great late singer Lata Mangeshkar of India, there was an atmosphere of mourning across the country. A similar situation was seen even after the death of Bappi Lahiri. After the death of both, there was a huge crowd of people from social media to their last visit. In such a situation, during the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, there is a lot of resentment among the people for not including both in the ‘In Memoriam’ section. Fans of both are unable to accept this, why such big artists did not get recognition on the international stage. People are fiercely venting their anger against this on social media.

The name was not even in the Oscar award ceremony

Grammy Awards Lata Bappi : Let us inform that Lata Mangeshkar was not included in the ‘In Memoriam’ section of the Oscar award ceremony held just a week ago. Even after this, the award ceremony was heavily criticized in India. The 2022 Grammys ceremony, which was held in Las Vegas on Monday, was not included in a tribute section to the late playback singer. This is the reason why the Recording Academy, which organizes Hollywood’s prestigious music awards, has been criticized. Let us inform here that the Recording Academy organizes this biggest music award program of Hollywood.

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People are taking out anger on social media

Grammy Awards Lata Bappi : People are now giving different types of reactions in social media. One user wrote on Twitter that this program honoring only American music is “useless and unimportant”. Another user wrote that ‘a bit strange, when they are paying tribute to the artists who passed away this year and in such a situation there is no mention of India’s most loved singer Lata Mangeshkar, then it felt absolutely useless. Another wrote,’ ‘ …. So both Oscars and Grammys did not remember Lata Mangeshkar in their respective tribute segments…, it’s a shame.”

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