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Familism or inequality of opportunity?

There is no challenge in front of the Bharatiya Janata Party from the Left parties of the country and neither is the Aam Aadmi Party, which has formed the government in two states in the name of starting new politics. The BJP is competing with the Congress and such regional parties, whose command is in the hands of a leader who is the leader of the second generation of his family or if he is the leader of the first generation, then his second generation has become active and ready to take his place. Is. The Prime Minister calls Congress and such parties family-oriented and is appealing to the people of the country to create a sense of hatred towards them. Apart from Congress, such regional parties can be named Rashtriya Janata Dal, DMK, JMM, Trinamool Congress, Shiv Sena, Akali Dal, YSR Congress, Telangana Rashtra Samithi etc. These are big parties and most of them are such parties, which the BJP has not been able to defeat despite all the efforts. Most of these parties were able to survive even in two or two election tsunamis of Prime Minister Modi and it was evidently with the support of the people. Then there is talk of creating a feeling of hatred towards them.

This is a part of the discourse being built against familism. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his speech from the Red Fort on the occasion of 75 years of independence, said that when he talks of familyism, it is inevitably associated with politics but it is not. He said that all the institutions of the country have come under the grip of this evil. He made the names of the institutions and said – I want to say with an open mind to the countrymen that for the purification of the politics and institutions of India, we have to liberate the country from this family mentality and move towards taking the country forward on the basis of merit. . This is imperative or else everyone’s mind remains frustrated that I was eligible for this but I could not find any uncle-grandfather-father-grandmother there. This state of mind is not good for any country.

This sounds good to hear. But the question is, after eight years of Prime Minister Modi’s rule, in which institution is being appointed because of uncle, aunt, maternal grandmother or father? Are all the institutions of the country not recruiting on the basis of talent? Are the appointments made through the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on the basis of merit other than talent? Is the scale of appointments in the army or in military research organizations, in ISRO or in the field of atomic energy or in public sector undertakings hereditary? Are the heads of institutions, commissions etc. being appointed on dynastic basis? Are the appointments in universities being done on the basis of familyism? Where is this happening? Is it not that the Modi government itself is appointing retired ‘babus’ in institutions? Is the Modi government not running the government with the help of selected officers by giving extension of service? Wouldn’t this be frustrating the capable and talented officers? Has the Modi government not started making joint secretaries directly from lateral entry and has the appointments been made only on the basis of talent? Are appointments not being made in universities and other educational institutions of technology and management on the basis of special ideological commitment?

The reality is that good jobs and employment opportunities are getting exhausted in the country. The government itself told in the last session of Parliament that in the last eight years, 22 crore people applied for central government jobs, out of which only 7.22 lakh people got jobs i.e. 21 crore 92 lakh 78 thousand youth had to be disappointed. Wouldn’t this be causing frustration in their mind?

Frustration arises in the minds of the youth when vacancies do not come out after many years of preparations for reinstatement in the army. Frustration arises when you do not get the appointment letter for a job in the army even after passing the written and physical examination. Frustration arises when they get four years of job without pension instead of 14 years. Frustration arises when the number of jobs decreases every year. Frustration arises when those who study from a good institution and do high jobs are made joint secretaries in the Government of India directly. In fact, to cover up the inequality of opportunity, a veil of familism is being put on it. Due to familyism, some people may have been appointed in some places but their number can be counted on the fingers, while the number of frustrated youth is in crores.

The Prime Minister went so far as to establish his fabricated discourse that he even dragged sports into it. He said- We have seen in the games in the past. It was not that earlier the country did not have sports talent. But the selection was on the basis of nepotism. When transparency came, ability was respected, then see the tricolor waving in the playground in the world today. Think, how incomplete is this? Talking about the Commonwealth Games held only recently, India got 61 medals with 22 gold and India finished fourth. But in the 2010 Commonwealth Games, four years before Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, India had won 101 medals with 39 gold and finished second. Even four years before that in 2006, India had got 22 gold, as many as this year. Think, what progress has been made if India gets the same or less than the number of medals that India got earlier?

In fact, for his political gains, the Prime Minister forcibly dragged the Games into it. They probably don’t notice that Abhinav Bindra, son of well-known sports administrator IS Bindra, got India’s first individual gold medal in Olympics long before Neeraj Chopra. They might have also forgotten that Mahavir Phogat’s three daughters and other girls of the family have brought medals to this country. They also forgot that Chandgi Ram and Satpal’s daughters and sons-in-law have won medals for India. They also forgot that Major Dhyan Chand and his brother Major Roop Singh had brought hockey gold to this country in the Olympic Games. Major Dhyan Chand’s son Ashok Kumar has also raised India’s pride in the game of hockey. Jeev Milkha Singh, son of legendary athlete Milkha Singh, has also raised India’s name in sports.

As far as politics is concerned, the opportunity of capable and talented people is not being squandered just because a person from one family has been sitting at the top for a long time. Even if a person remains chief minister and prime minister for 20-25 years, even then the opportunity of deserving people is lost. If a person’s stay as CM, PM for 20-25 years will be justified on the ground that the party is winning because of that person’s charisma, then this will also apply to families. With his charisma, if the party is winning, then he is on top or his party is left and till then the leaders and workers remain associated with him.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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