Failure to deal with Kovid kills lakhs

New Delhi. Millions of such people died due to massive failure at many levels in dealing with Kovid-19 across the world. This has been disclosed in a new report of the Kovid-19 Commission of Lancet. It has been said in the report that by taking the right steps on time, lives could have been saved. This has adversely affected the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in many countries.
The commission has done a thorough review of the steps taken worldwide in the first two years to deal with the Kovid-19 epidemic. In its report, it has cited widespread failures in prevention measures, transparency, awareness, basic public health systems, campaign support and international solidarity, due to which 17.7 million people are estimated to have died.
The report also said that the governments of most countries were not prepared and their response was very slow. Moreover, he gave very little attention to the most vulnerable groups of the society. At the same time, the situation worsened due to lack of international cooperation and a flood of misinformation.
The Commission has used new epidemiological and financial analysis to outline recommendations that could help end the COVID-19 emergency, reduce the impact of future health threats, and achieve long-term sustainable development.
The report said that the prospect of achieving these goals depends on a strong multilateralism focused on reforming and strengthening the World Health Organization. According to the commission, to achieve the target, there is a need to invest in epidemic preparedness and strengthen the health system and make new plans and pay special attention to the population facing discrimination. (Language)

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