Ezekiel Baskar: A 21 Year Old Award Winning Humanitarian

Ezekiel Baskar, a 21-year-Old Award-winning humanitarian, Writer, Musician, traveller & Speaker, has been inspiring lives since childhood. He has achieved magnificently since schooling days in the field of Sports, Writing, Acting, Music, Social service and so on.

The Journey of Ezekiel Baskar

He started a youth movement for farmers at the age of 16-17 which was successful in helping 1000s of farmers and the tribal community people with essentials such as food grains, educations courses and materials, water harvesting systems and first-hand aid for basic living.

Ezekiel was awarded the “Ambassador of New India” Honor in February 2018 for his commendable work of spreading awareness on social issues, and he was also awarded several awards and honours for his efforts as a youngster. Nevertheless, amidst the successful journey, Ezekiel encountered Challenges. He went through tough times, but he kept his calm and followed the principle of Jesus Christ to Love, forgive, be peaceful and remain steadfast.

Continuing in his attitude to deal with challenges with patience and wisdom, Ezekiel continued his journey of contributing his life for the service of humanity irrespective of difference among people.

I love humanity and people like Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa lie as an Inspirational figure.
Even in this challenging time of COVID19 Ezekiel along with his Friends are doing best to provide essentials to 100s of people in the best way possible.

I believe all that we are must be used to be a blessing to others, to educate others and to advance our society and humanity as a whole, failing which makes life meaningless. In this current situation of COVID19, Ezekiel urges everyone to be united irrespective of difference. He mentions that every privileged person must come forward to help the underprivileged, thus helping humanity to not lose its ground even in toughest situations.

Ezekiel who is also an Advisory Member and Supporter to many Organizations offers prayers daily for the Indian Government, its leaders and even for the Nations effected by Covid 19 and hopes for quick recovering of people effected and also for the healing of Nations with the belief that soon things would be fine.

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