Eyes on Gujarat…. hence the havoc on ‘AAP’…?

Bhopal, Now gradually the principle, policy and humanity are disappearing from politics too, the purpose of today’s politics has remained only and only ‘power’, even if it is not met by any legitimate or illegal means? Some ‘great’ politicians and their parties have considered states as their ‘earth’, that is why they do not want any other political party to step into their own dominated state, the same situation is with Gujarat today, where the Prime Minister Brother Narendra Modi has maintained his supremacy, now he does not want any other leader or his political party to even try to peep there and since the Aam Aadmi Party is doing this bravery, that is why it is on the target of Modi ji these days. has arrived.

Gujarat has played an important role in Indian politics before independence, from Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to brother Narendra Modi is the gift of Gujarat and how important these personalities contributed to Indian politics or the creation of present India, it is It is not hidden from anyone and if seen from political point of view, Gujarat was once a stronghold of Congress, then today BJP considers it as its stronghold and that is why after making Congress non-existent there, BJP does not want any other party to interfere there. Yes, and since the Aam Aadmi Party has started dreaming of Gujarat after Delhi-Punjab, that is why the BJP is bent on making AAP Mungerilal.

Recently, when Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal made announcements of providing electricity, water and other facilities like Delhi and Punjab to Gujarat, then the Prime Minister remembered ‘free ki rewari’ and wanted to end the existence of these rewaris in politics. While he himself knows that today’s politics is based on ‘Revdi’, which the ruling parties have been distributing with the money of the people, these ravadis may be ‘free’ for the politicians and their power, but the public It is getting very expensive and in politics, the present birth father of these ravadis is believed to be Mr. Kejriwal, who is trying to fulfill his political interests by declaring to provide free electricity, water and other essential items of life. They are also succeeding to a great extent in this purpose, that is why the Prime Minister and his party got worried and raised the issue of Revadi and said that- “This Revadi culture is very dangerous for the development of the country, it should be removed from the country.” Have to get out.”

It is also necessary to mention here that Arvind Kejriwal, the top leader of the Aam Aadmi Party, laid his hands on the aching veins of human beings, by providing them the necessary facilities, by providing assistance to a particular section of voters according to their convenience, first in Delhi and later in Punjab. Established power and now their eyes are on Gujarat elections, so BJP is getting alert. Where Kejriwal’s party governments in Delhi and Punjab provided free travel facilities to women in metros and DTC buses, as well as made electricity, water, education and medicine almost free, the same announcements were being made in Gujarat’s election campaign. Although these facilities being given by the governments of Kejriwal ji and his party are being said to pollute politics in Indian democracy, but this argument is out of common understanding because whether the common voter should be provided with the facilities he wants. Wrong and non-democratic, aren’t manifestoes or resolutions prepared by political parties in our India before elections? These manifestos or resolutions are related to different issues from the facilities being provided to the public by AAP? Now it is only human psychology that where the human being will see the fulfillment of his desired aspirations, his attraction will be there, then he should be called ‘Revdi’ in today’s politics or something else?

….and today the biggest concern of the Prime Minister and his party is these ‘rewaris’, so his party and the government raised political issues like ‘excise policy’ through a non-political figure, the Lieutenant Governor and for the first time in the country any state government Got the need to get the policy probed by the CBI? But will these tactics of Modi ji or Central Government or BJP be successful in stopping AAP? Even if so many ministers of Delhi-Punjab should not be made to visit “Krishna Janmasthali”?
It is also worth mentioning here that this ‘new trend’ in Indian politics will prevail over whom? Is it impossible to imagine at the moment?

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