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Expensive, false, worthless life!

Can’t believe it! Life was so expensive! Well the nursery education expenses of the girl child is five lakh rupees annually! In a middle class private school in Delhi, the annual fee of a girl of class VII in Delhi is about two lakh rupees! How about studying then? What did you study for two years? I met a student who was giving my 10th class examination. He told that in two years there was class for two days. After passing the 8th, he is giving the 10th board exam. He could not sleep on the night of maths paper. But the paper was light. It’s okay With the expectation of good marks, there is no burden of class XI and now the focus will be on the college admission test in class XII as well.

I remember my days of board exams. Then he used to stay busy in studying the course. Whereas now the studies are divided by semester. Children prepare for more coaching of the course and further career thinking. There is double and triple cost. After 12th, a new hassle of admission is going to arise from the centralized examination. The business of coaching will also change. Every private college, medical, engineering, IT institutions, university increasing the fees immensely. Not on the pretext of education, but on the basis of facilities and inflation. Whereas parents and children only worry about government jobs and career coaching. Which study to do so that the job is guaranteed.

India is at a strange stage. The expansion in only four areas of food, medicine, education and movement is because the population of the country is increasing like a sursa. Every new birth trillion expansion of economy and new birth of loot and earning. Out of 140 crore people, 100 crore people are alive from ration flour, lentils and if 20 crore people are living a salaried, middle class life, then the business of basic needs of restaurants, hospitals, schools, transport must be growing. All that is getting expensive. The compulsion of the four services has created a mood of poor quality and loot. Corona has inculcated the habit of time pass in schools, teachers, and children. In the already running model of Sarva Shiksha, after passing from one class to the next class automatically, God is the master of the literacy of the children who have passed the board examination. Parents and children who are focused, they also become only government jobs, doctor-engineers and from the first day the target has thought that if they get a job, how much they will earn from day one. How to make jugaad and how to rob.

May be I am wrong but the Indian society is maintaining the same focus now that there is a chance to create an opportunity in the flowing Ganga. If school fees have to be recovered from coaching, then God is the master of doctors’ fees. Rambhorse the same treatment. Every profession in India now ruthlessly charging their service and price.

Because where’s the limit? What is moral value? Who’s the one to stop? Where in India is now the urge to live in service, sincerity, sincerity, honesty, truthfulness, duty, purity of conduct? How can there be honesty and sincerity in the behavior of citizens when it is natural in the national religion to live in falsehood, fooling each other, lying, deceit and hypocrisy? When the government lies, why won’t people speak? When the government itself is maintaining arbitrary inflation, then why don’t schools, airlines, transport companies, restaurants, coaching ones charge arbitrary fees? When the government is committing hooliganism with its own power, then why not behave like a philanthropist? When the government is telling a lie a hundred times and making it a truth, then why not the whole country become a liar! How can teachers, doctors, service providers remain truthful when the government has left everyone unclaimed, langoori, for a false life? Why was the doctor helpful? Why employees should act sensitively?

The latest evidence of how India has become stub, clumsy and insensitive, the World Health Organization, WHO says that 47 lakh people died due to corona in India. But the Indian government has called him a liar. Even in folk experience, people believe that the government hid the deaths of Corona. But the government is in this arrogance that whatever it has said, the same truth! From facts, experience, difference of words and deeds, public belief and global investigations, indices clearly show that India is living in a lie. People’s life has become very difficult. Despite this, all this psychosis and that all is well. The world is false and we are the truth! There is destruction in education but all is well. People battling with heat and power outages but all is well.

Watch Hindi and English channels of India someday. It will feel like a country of psychopaths! Everyone shouting at each other. tearing each other’s clothes. Everyone jumping. Fooling and being fooled around the clock. Does anyone care how inflation is rising? How are the children studying? Why is coal not reaching the power plants amid the scorching heat? What happened to the farmers’ wheat crop or how untouchables remain in the world and how they are robbing us, making our life costly. Maybe because they have understood what India means? Be it China, Russia or European country, is there any mercy?

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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