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Within a year, UK gas and electricity prices have tripled. Meanwhile, the profits of the companies have been increasing. So that’s right. To what extent can people tolerate it?

The public campaign against inflation has intensified in Britain. People are no longer ready to face the trouble sitting silently. The talk started on social media. But 50 rallies have been announced across the UK. These protests will start next week. People’s question is valid. If the political leadership gives top priority to the profits of the companies, then for how long and why should the people bear it. And then the current crisis is the result of the decision of the leadership in the Ukraine case. So the leadership must face its consequences. So two campaigns have started. Earlier it was reported that a group has started a campaign of non-payment of increased natural gas prices. It has been named – Cant Pay, Wont Pay – (i.e. we are not able to pay the increased price, so we will not pay it). After that another group made a program to organize rallies.

This group has been named ‘Enough is Enough’. Under the Cant Pay, Wont Pay campaign, more than one lakh people have pledged not to pay for gas and electricity connections from next October. The Enough is Enough campaign includes many trade unions, community organizations, tenants’ organizations and political organizations. The campaign’s first rally will take place next Wednesday in south London. The leaders associated with the campaign say that every time a new crisis arises, the workers are asked to pay the price. But now the limit is over. So Enough is Enough has demanded that the possible increase in gas price in the coming winter be put on hold, so that the burden on common households is not increased. The reality is that inflation has made life difficult for thousands of people in the UK. Within a year, the prices of both these things have tripled. Meanwhile, the profits of the companies have been increasing. So it is the right thing that to what extent people should tolerate!

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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