European countries will not buy oil from Russia

Kyiv, It has been 69 days since the Russian attack on Ukraine and now the pressure from America and Europe on Russia is increasing. Amidst this increasing pressure, Russia has also intensified its attack on Ukraine. Amidst the Russian attack, European countries have decided that they will no longer import oil from Russia. This decision will be implemented in a sequential manner. The decision was announced by the President of the European Union, Ursala von der Lien. This decision of the European Union will cause a big economic blow to Russia.

Russia has stepped up attacks in eastern Ukraine amid mounting pressure from the US and the European Union. On Wednesday, Russia’s air force launched a major airstrike in Donetsk. It is reported that 21 people have died. This is Russia’s biggest attack on Donetsk in recent days. It has been told that most of the people killed are factory workers, who were working in their unit.

Russia has claimed that its military has destroyed four military depots in Ukraine. Apart from this, 40 military bases have been targeted. Russian army destroys six railway stations in Ukraine. These stations were being used to supply arms to the east of the country. Russia is believed to have intensified the attacks, angered by mounting pressure from the US and Europe and military aid to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis tried to stop the war but he could not put any pressure on Russia. President Vladimir Putin did not respond to his proposal. His appeal for a ceasefire on Easter also had no effect. His scheduled meeting with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church has been cancelled.

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