Entrepreneur Shlok Nair is reappointed as the CEO for Okbronetwork

One among the foremost challenging things that all startups face in India during today. With the amazing high levels of saturation that refill our social media feeds and news cycles, it is often very difficult for emerging agencies, companies and products to face out from the digital gang. While many devote massive amounts of a while & energy into development and fundraising, garnering the required exposure to assist a product or a brand begin can appear to be an afterthought.

Upon initiating and completion of development and allocation of a marketing budget, many startups are left scratching their heads when deciding the best way to distribute their message out into the digital or social media world. This is often precisely where young Entrepreneur Shlok Nair & his team Okbronetwork has managed to form a fabulous reputation for them among their overseas sources & clientele.

As an Entrepreneur focused on digital brand building for startups, ShlokNair with team Okbronetwork has carved out a particular niche. With a background in Digital Media Solutions, ORM , Branding & Celebrity Management, Shlok Nair has proven himself to be a robust innovator and has built a powerful & strong resume and digital empire for himself.

Born on November 13, 1998, at just the young age of twenty-two , ShlokNair has built a Advertising Agency – Okbronetwork worth over a few of million Indian currency and has worked with prominent celebrities from bollywood, executives, influencers, brands, major corporations, and more. Nair was serving as the CEO & is the Founder for Okbronetwork since the formation i.e (2017) & is now reelected as the CEO of Okbronetwork due to his fabulous leadership qualities and management skills.

Shlok Nair comprehensive media-centric approach to growth has resulted in huge increases in digital brand reputability and traction for his clientele overseas. Shlok Nair shared with us, “For me, the key ingredient to the progression of any startup in today’s world is all centered around growth. With the way that startups are valued, a growth centric approach is that the sole one that creates sense during this sort of branding & advertising market.”

Shlok Nair uniquely catered approach to the event of digital brands is what has lent him such success – providing start-ups with the massive exposure they have to realize real consumers and spark a mass interest in their product/service while also increasing credibility and reputability for the brands Shlok & Okbronetwork are employed with. Hence this has allowed Shlok Nair & his Digital Experts to represent value to their consumers, investors, and help distinguish brands from competitors directly or indirectly.

Therefore Nair currently services a plethora of high value personal brands, Okbronetwork has lent incredible value to the startup space through his forward-thinking solutions. The socially and culturally-forward strategies & skills Okbronetwork uses to form brands have allowed him & his agency to rise to the forefront of the entertainment & corporate industry, quickly. He also has said, “The utensil approach could also be a broken one. They often results in wastage of money, time, and other sources. This is often the rationale that i even have such a distaste for the word ‘Digital Marketing’, most agencies live by the utensil approach and it often does more harm & is disappointing than good. So i decide to provide value and quality-centric solutions that are unique to every brand, because it always delivers the sole outcomes for Brand Visibility.”

As Shlok Nair continues to dominate the stage he has created, Okbronetwork could even be faced with new copycat competition, or more traditional academics adopting his tactics. But in conjunction with his unique approach to each project and skill to cater valuable solutions or conclusions for his clients, Nair will likely not be departure anytime soon. Okbronetwork was also Media and Marketing Partners with Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award (DPIFF) for the year 2017-2020. He also served as the former Head of Public Relations for DPIFF (2017-2020)


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