Entrepreneur and Start Up of the Year- Featuring TechGrip

Rishi mehta , ( born on 11th September 2002) Owner and founder of TechGrip has been favored as our young entrepreneur of the year all the way from Dubai. Inaugurated in December 2020, TechGrip has been one of the most eminent start ups making sales to over 250 customers in the Middle East and parts of Europe in less than four months. When asked to give a run through about his business, he said “ My team and I have worked relentlessly to bring the goalkeeping community with the best quality apparel at the most affordable rate. Our aim is to maintain a relationship with the customer and to enforce brand loyalty rather than a move forward approach by a quick sale. We have also constantly been working with bringing in new designs and models so that customers have a variety of options to chose from, over one year of interactive product development led to the creation of TechGrip.” We are backing him to make it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list in less than 6 years if he moves forward in this pace. The CEO of Puma Bjorn Gulden has expressed his admiration and spoken very highly of Rishi’s work ethic and his customer based understanding which he claims is one of the soul reasons for the success that he has achieved. The two of them have been in touch for a collaboration ever since.

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