Entertainment: On one hand, Bollywood films are getting bad, while another south film got a bumper start

‘Karthikeya 2’, which released in theaters on August 13, received a great response

Nowadays the situation of Bollywood remains very delicate. Big big films and big stars are falling face to face in Bollywood, while there is a tremendous craze among the audience regarding South’s films. Now another such film is very much liked by the people and that film is Tollywood’s ‘Karthikeya 2’, which was released in theaters on August 13. This film has been in the news since its release and people are liking it very much. It has also performed well at the box office.

Let us tell you that according to a website, ‘Karthikeya 2’ earned 5.05 crores at the box office on the first day of release i.e. Saturday. The collection of 5.85 crores was done on Sunday. In this way, the film has earned 10.9 crores at the box office in the first weekend. Significantly, ‘Karthikeya 2’ is a small budget Tollywood film, which has been made in a budget of about 20 crores. The film has been released in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi languages. On the first day, there was a lot of craze for this film in Hindi language in Delhi and Mumbai. Alam was that the film released in Hindi on 60 screens was housefull, after which the makers had to increase the screens to 300 the next day.

Talking about the film, Kartikeya 2 is a mystery thriller film, which is a sequel to the 2014 film ‘Karthikeya’. It stars Nikhil Siddhartha and actress Anupama Parameswaran in lead roles. Apart from these two, Anupam Kher, Viva Harsh and Aditya have also appeared in the film. So the film is directed by Chandu Mondeti. So overall Kartikeya 2 had a great first weekend at the box office. Now it remains to be seen how well this film can do at the box office.

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Sahil Kothari

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