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Eight years of Modi: What is new, what was not there before, will not happen next!

Some readers told me that while writing on contemporary topics, I started writing on the dull earth and boring matter of human civilization. Who reads? What do we have to do with the future direction of the earth and man? The earth belongs to us and not to the world. India is the world guru. A golden bird is being made. The world is filling up. Aurangzeb is being wiped out from the land of Jagat Janani Bharat. Before Treta Yuga, Parashuram had killed the Asuras, now Kalki Avatar Narendra Modi Ji is killing the Asuras of Jihadi mentality. If a grand Bahubali movie is going on in the country, then write on it. When you are playing drums for Narendra Modi in Japan, Denmark to Paris, you are neither clapping nor criticizing. Quit writing. Are you tired? Seculars, YouTubers, heroic fighters of social media like you too have become sad, disappointed and recluse after the UP elections. Looks like you’ve given up too!

First of all, every human being lives in his instincts. Secondly, I have seen the movement of governments, 13 prime ministers and a film that has lasted for 15 years in the country. The day the movies land, they end on the same day in the society of sheep and goats. Movies do not penetrate into consciousness. So it doesn’t make sense for Narendra Modi’s film to be a superhit. I have been tired of the idea of ​​non-Congressism during Indira Gandhi’s long tenure. However, it was fun then that the stalwarts of the opposition kept the film interesting while speaking and doing politics. Then there was the real set of democracy.

However, it is true that I have given up watching the film Narendra Modi and his direction, an end. Stop watching and listening to TV channels, drums and drums being played on them. I came out of the cinema hall only six years ago when I saw the demonetisation action. After that I have written many times that as long as the Modi government’s film lasts, its audience (Hindu) will be banged the most in future. I believe that in the coming decades, the biggest history of Hindus will be the male-great secular Nehru because when there is a real time show of Hindu-Muslim civil war, country’s disintegration, every child will say that Nehru’s secular idea was true!

Yes, the biggest result of Narendra Modi’s eight years of actions is the denial of the Hindu idea in the future destruction of India and the reincarnation and embodiment of the Nehru-Gandhi idea.

There is definitely acting-action in Modi’s film. Gorgeous set. There are speeches, dialogues and jumlas. There is a whole story full of villains. Battle of Panipat. History has changed. Bulldozers are on the villains. There are raids by ED and CBI. There are drums. Divinity of the superhero. There are kirtans of the devotees. There is an army of langurs. There is a bhandara for the poor. And the biggest thing is that in every next shot of the film, the superhero energy is carrying new feats, new floats.

Has Bollywood ever made such a film? No. Leave aside the matter of independent India, in the entire Kali Yuga of Hindus, this experience of seeing God’s incarnation in the eyes, has this experience ever happened before?

Despite this, why did I stop watching the film? Whereas all my life I have lived in the desire of Sanatan Hindu and in the 45 years of journalism till now, I have been following the Hindu wish and aspiration?

Because Narendra Modi’s film is a remake of a Hindu history whose ending, in whose destiny these future consequences are certain – Hindus will be duped. They will be breathing in the civil war, disintegration in the country and society. The society is divided and the Hindus themselves will be burning in the smoldering sparks of two akhadas, regional-caste identity. And democracy was suffocating and dragging. Institutions will be dilapidated. The langurization of the intellect, mind of Hindus, tarnishing their dignity and freedom! The economy would not only be poor, but the whole country would depend on China for things, depend on the West for capital and people would not find opportunities even while wandering around the country and the world for wages. Such opportunities, the same earnings that were once made during the tenure of PV Narasimha Rao to Manmohan Singh!

The question is, in the present time of the Modi government, what is not visible to the people running on the streets. Why is wisdom and knowledge not visible in the drums? Because what is visible was there before. More construction was taking place during the Manmohan Singh government than today. The biggest evidence is from the history of India. Mughal Hindustan also belonged to twenty-five crore people. So even then India was the largest economy in the world due to number-size-geography. Shah Jahan used to collect tribute from Bhadwagiri, the power of slave Hindu nobles, by getting Meena Bazar installed in the beauty of the streets of Agra. He used to dance and sing. Even during the reign of Red Fort, he was stuck in Delhi, there was money. Mansabdar Hindu minister, then IAS-IPS-Kotwal lived a life of riches, looting the subjects.

So, in the history and experience of the modern world, how much is the dazzle of Modi Raj’s film? Is it making the lives of 140 crore people? Does the alleged development play any role in Modi becoming the classic king?

In this regard, it is my request, especially to Narendra Modi, his cabinet, BJP, Sangh Parivar and every Hindu beneficiary to think something only at the eight-year interval of the film. Back to reality. What will be the film summary of Savarkar’s Idea of ​​India and Hindu politics if the next part of the film is a five-ten-year show i.e. its sequel, if the film of Yogi and Amit Shah or anyone continues? Did the Hindu attain Aurangzeb? Did you get Tughlaq? Ravana’s attainment of ego? Will country life be a subcontinent of happiness, peace and prosperity? Will Narendra Modi even get the respect of Atal Bihari Vajpayee? Are they proving the dignity of the man of Ram and Ramrajya for the sake of Hindutva? Or will those devotees be worshiped among Hindus as Aurangzeb? Have you been able to make your mark in front of the global image of Gandhi-Nehru, a global symbol of the country’s independence, democracy and the idea of ​​making India with the confidence of all citizens?

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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