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Eight billion problems!

In what man has done and what he is doing, his primitive and mechanical actions have a big role. Man has created a suicidal vicious circle in his nature and in conflicting nature versus nurture tensions… It is not wrong to think that eight billion people are the eight billion problems of the earth, nor is it wrong to believe that the six thousand year journey of Homo sapiens The disintegration of the present position of the state is creating the conditions of the Holocaust.

Judgment Estuary-6: The question is, think on each crisis in the list of all the troubles, or catch the reason due to which all the troubles are there? He believes that the root of all troubles is man. That is the cause of the problems. Because of that the earth and human existence are on the verge of catastrophe. Despite this, humans are not ready to take the responsibility! Every person in Earth’s eight billion population is a problem! His hunger for individual behavior and collective prudence have made the earth a planet of problems. Both human life and the earth are in danger because of individual and collective tribulations, bigotry, ill-will and conflict.

Certainly, the life journey of Homo sapiens also has tales of solving problems. As man became conscious, his appetite increased and inventions were made in his needs. And life became a web. Human nature changed. He became capable. reached the pinnacle of development. But without improving its original nature. Despite being civilized, he roamed around and returned to the primitive, demonic, savage or savage state and fought battles again and again. Made tools of destruction and possession. The potential for genocide, self-harm, exploitation, exploitation and inequalities increased. Man neither took care of himself nor took care of nature.

It can be said that what man has done and what he is doing, his primitive and mechanical actions have a big role. The development of Ihloka is not due to the union of man and earth, but from the struggle between branches and branches. Man has created a suicidal vicious circle in his nature and in the conflicting vibes of Nature versus Nurture. Where inhuman systems were created within the human society, the same trenches were also carved for the destruction of the entire humanity and the earth.

neither wisdom nor wisdom

Human beings are lying to all this. He and his father-in-law have neither the wisdom nor the care that they are taking human civilization to. Everyone is living in risks, but this worry is not in a linear form in the heart and mind. The crowd of 140 crore people would not have taken the overall concern of how many people died in the pandemic. They will be thinking only on the individual and the family. The concern for the existence of the Earth is not eight billion times the concern of eight billion people. Because the person does not see the wave of holocaust at his door. Nor is he thinking of the future of future generations. Five crore people died in the Second World War in the last century. What would be the danger if the current fighting in Ukraine turns into a third world war, it can be foreseen. But how can it be possible for a crowd of eight billion people to be lean from the danger?

Such concerns are the subject of global forums. But this cataclysmic crisis is not registered in the majority of human thinking. Therefore their nature cannot change. That is why the determination, passion and management of resources is not happening to save the earth. There is no real solution to any crisis. Despite being experienced, humanity is living in the status quo.

As the travesty of the energy crisis is old. All the countries are troubled by the cost of oil and gas and lack of electricity. According to this, the global population has experienced the price of petroleum products since the first Israel-Arab war. There are many options to get out of this. But their completion was not possible because there is sufficient availability of oil and gas in the humanity of eight billion people who had to do rapid research and development. Oil companies dominate. As a result, development is slowing down. That’s why 95 percent of the population is not only burning expensive fossil fuels but also making the earth warm with their own hands. Sources of clean, sustainable, renewable energy such as hydroelectricity and micro-hydro solar, wind, geothermal, wave, tidal, cellulosic ethanol have been known for decades. Everyone knows that their use will reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Cheap energy will be available. But those whose intellect makes resources and wisdom possible, if they do not decide, then the three pant of dhaak for decades.

This short-sightedness created the crisis of CITU. Now everyone is experiencing the reality of environmental degradation. But the lack of understanding remains the same. How many of the eight billion people know that CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere in this century are higher than in the past 650,000 years. It is not possible for humans to slow or end the current Holocene extinction event (the worst climate change period since the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago). That’s why many types of species of the animal world are getting extinct, so no one can do anything.

That’s how glaciers are melting. The water level of the oceans is rising. The island country is sinking. North-South Pole, Siberia and Greenland will also get hot. All the more the temperature is rising. The changing climate poses a different threat to biodiversity. There are ten types of new crises of water, land and forest. Despite all this, is the global alarm sounding and are people ready to change their nature on an individual level? Like a small scientifically authentic example. Meat-eaters cost the earth dearly. In the United States, 70 to 90 percent of the feed that animals eat for meat is soy, corn, and cereal crops grown there. Crops that feed animals consume almost half of the water supply and 80 percent of agricultural land. There is also the fact that 66 percent of people in America are obese and have weight problems. If people eat less meat, then where their health is beneficial, it is possible to save grains for the hungry world. The environmental impact of high yields, use of chemical fertilizers, etc., in the practice of both farming and food, is serious. Because of that, the awareness that should be created in America about the effect on the human body and nature, it is not possible there because every human civilization-culture is bound in the story of its own style of living.

trouble with four walls

Yes, the division of eight billion people into four walls and living within them according to civilization and culture is in many ways the number one problem of human society. Its past and present have done less good and more harm to human society. Despite globalization, there is a lack of interaction and communication among humans. The reason for the fights is the behavior of people living in anger, fear, terror, insecurity with each other with their respective stories. Human society is so divided by ‘they’ and ‘we’ that the earth is no less injured because of this. People are more concerned with competition, fighting than mutual cooperation. Then there is the military expenditure of trillions of dollars per year. Is it a minor peril that people live under the destructive energies of mutual suspicion, competition and ambitions? When this is so, how can man make a global effort to socialize, talk, bond at the individual level?

Even in the delicate Mahadasha of epidemic, disease, human suffering, the division and division do not end. Even in diseases and crises like corona epidemic, AIDS and HIV, cancer, eight billion people of the earth keep suffocating within the boundaries of four walls. Certainly, due to science, modern medicine, there has not been much delay in the treatment and vaccine for the epidemic of Kovid. Globalization benefited, turning the world into a village. Despite this, people’s experiences of illness, death and suffering have varied. Only then it seems as if in the twenty-first century people are destined to live in the line of physical-mental pain and medicine. The concern of medicine in the future is to increase continuously.

Where the macro crisis of man and earth is the mouth of the cataclysm, then the personal life of the people, their micro experience is many times more difficult than the experiences of the last six thousand years. The twenty-first century is making so many differences between country, race, caste, gender, identity, etc. that the human idea of ​​humanity is shrinking. The conflict between hunger, need and problems has increased in human relationships. In a population of eight billion people, education, democracy, human rights etc. have become different meanings. Have you ever imagined that education would also be creating passion? Will the idea of ​​equality create discrimination among people? Will there be a danger of disintegration of people contrary to human rights?

Therefore, it is neither wrong to think that eight billion people are the eight billion problems of the earth, nor it is wrong to believe that the current stage of the six thousand year journey of Homo sapiens is disintegrating causing the conditions of the cataclysm. The micro and macro actions of man are indeed an invitation to destruction. That is why the question of human texture is more complicated than Betaal Pachisi. (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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