Efforts are on to save the lives swinging in the air for two days in Deoghar, Jharkhand, so far 42 people have been rescued.

Deoghar | Deoghar Ropeway Accident: The dreadful scene of the ropeway accident in Deoghar, Jharkhand has blown people’s senses. Even after this accident on Sunday, many people are still swinging in the air between life and death. The work of saving them is going on continuously. Now the army has also landed in this rescue and people are being rescued with the help of military helicopters. During this, 42 people have been rescued while continuing the relief work, but still the lives of 6 people are hanging on the wires hanging in the air. People are praying for his safe return. The army and administration are constantly engaged in rescuing the people. On Tuesday morning also 9 people were rescued, including a child. Let us tell you that every day hundreds of devotees reach here through these ropeway trolleys. In this accident, during the rescue operation, a person also died after falling from the helicopter.

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food items delivered to people
Deoghar Ropeway Accident: Let us tell you that on Sunday, 12 trolleys collided with each other due to a technical fault in the ropeway. So far 3 people have died in this accident and many people have been injured. This accident happened at Trikut mountain located in Devghar, where there is a crowd of devotees all the time. It has been revealed in the information that, this accident happened when suddenly the load on the ropeway cable increased and a roller broke. Due to which many trolleys collided with each other. After this, the people present in the trolleys swung in the air in the trolleys hanging on the wires. Since then, the administration is constantly trying to save the people. The rescue team is providing food and drink to the people.

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The agency running the ropeway will be blacklisted
Deoghar Ropeway Accident: The Jharkhand government has become very strict regarding the ropeway accident. The government has said that a thorough investigation will be conducted into this accident and the culprits will be given the harshest punishment. Regarding the accident, the Tourism Minister says that the agency running the ropeway will be blacklisted. Let us tell you that the teams of Indian Air Force, Indian Army, NDRF, ITBP and local administration have been continuously in the rescue to rescue the people trapped in the ropeway accident on Trikut mountain of Deoghar.

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