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Paramjit Singh Vohra

The issue of women’s economic development will get a lot of emphasis when such educated girls themselves go ahead and try to use their technical and vocational management education in their own business establishment. Through this, there will be a change in the society and the contribution of women in the economic development of the society will also increase.

Now the economic development of women in the society should be given priority. We have been talking about women empowerment for a long time, but for the rapid economic progress of our country, it is very important to give priority to the economic development of women. In our country with a population of one hundred and forty crore, about fifty five crore people are dependent on the earning members of their family. There are a large number of domestic women in this. Apart from this, educated women in our society also have a large share in the number of domestic women. Such a large number of dependents is a big challenge for the economy.

These days the Indian economy is going through two types of situations. On the one hand, while maintaining continuity in economic development is the main objective, on the other hand the ever-increasing economic inequality is a major obstacle in the overall economic development of India. The ever-increasing economic inequality has widened the gap between the rich and the poor. During the Corona epidemic, while the number of poor in India has increased by 70 million, on the other hand the number of billionaires has increased by thirty-seven percent. It forces us to think continuously. This dire situation can also be dealt with if economic development of women is kept as the main objective in economic reforms.

Women’s economic development in India is possible only when every woman makes employment as her objective. Taking a look at the work and policies related to the current women’s economic development in India, we will find that even after seventy-five years of independence, the idea of ​​women’s empowerment continues to resonate in our ears, but till now concrete work has not been done on it in India. Women empowerment in true sense is possible only when women work strongly towards economic development. The situation is so dire that women constitute forty eight percent of the total population of the country, but only one third is engaged in employment.

Only nineteen percent of India’s total ‘MSMEs’ are being run by women. The salary of women is also sixty five percent of the salary of men. Only nine per cent women hold high positions in companies listed on BSE and NSE. The way ‘automation’ is being done by computers day by day, the problem of unemployment is also going to arise in front of women engaged in about 20 million rural jobs by the year 2030. According to a research report, if women in India start getting equal attention in employment as men, then the GDP can increase up to 7 billion US dollars without any radical change in the economy.

Considering the thinking of women’s economic self-reliance, now women should move more and more towards entrepreneurship. Recently, there has been a change in the society, in which parents are trying to give more and more priority to the education of technical and vocational management for their daughters as well. The issue of women’s economic development will get a lot of emphasis when such educated girls themselves go ahead and try to use their technical and vocational management education in their own business establishment.

Through this, there will be a change in the society and the contribution of women in the economic development of the society will also increase. In this context a reality of our society also has to be understood. Even today our society considers women weak under entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship. It is the mentality of almost everyone that doing business or business comes only in the purview of men, because they are more capable in it. Due to this thinking, women entrepreneurs face many problems in presenting their business-business in front of others, in which the biggest obstacle is related to determining and obtaining the facilities of necessary finance.

Apart from this, in our society, women themselves do not want to give priority to business, because they see more monopoly of men in it. It is also a symbol of our social mentality that the primary responsibility of raising small children in the family is more of the woman than the man, due to which modernly educated women are reluctant to take the decision of doing business and they do business. She considers it more appropriate to do a job than, because in that case she finds herself more convenient. If we really want to talk about women’s economic development, then we have to change the above social thinking and mindset.

There is also an irony in this context as to how to link those women who belong to lower middle class family with economic development. They are only literate, not modernly educated and the number of dependents in their family is also high. In the present situation, there are many such women in our country. An ideal situation can be created here, if these women themselves go ahead and decide to make any kind of economic employment as their main source of income. Through this, where on one hand the number of dependents will be less, on the other hand the economic disparity will also be reduced.

It is very important for such women to get a source of economic development before their economic independence. For this, an initiative will have to be taken by the governments, social organizations and industrial houses etc. Such women will have to be certified and collected through social institutions, who want to fulfill their economic purpose in life. Guidelines should be given to the industrial houses through governments to go ahead and establish a cohesion with social organizations, so that such women can be educated and trained for any particular kind of employment for their economic purpose. .

In this context, many types of training related to sewing, embroidery, painting, beauty parlor, cooking can be given. All this is being done in many places, but now the most needed thing is that even after these training camps, such trainee women should also be taught about entrepreneurship, which mainly includes quality management and various aspects of social media. Knowing new ways of marketing your product through sources is very important.

It is often seen that even after the training camp, less educated women do not engage in employment because they do not have the confidence to take up entrepreneurship. There is a need to motivate and make these women aware, so that with banking facilities and financial support, they can be turned towards entrepreneurship. It can bring a revolutionary change in the society.

In fact it is a duty to contribute to the economic development of the society and the country with the responsibility of running their family on the shoulders of both men and women. It is heartening that we give a lot of attention to women empowerment and in fact work is being done very strongly on this aspect for a long time, but now the time has come, when women should be included in the mainstream of economic development. Equal importance should be given.

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