During the Corona period, daughters awakened the urge to study

Bhopal. The memory of Corona Pandemic creates shudder. This was even more affecting for the children, because their life was imprisoned in a cage like a bird. At such a time, daughters in Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh not only gave flight to the aspirations and fantasies of these children, but also kept alive the urge to study in their mind. Schools were closed during the Corona pandemic. A lock down was imposed, due to which all activities came to a halt, normal life came to a complete standstill. In such a situation, everyone was concerned about the physical and mental development of the children.

Then the Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti made a plan to open a community learning center in Sehore district. In this, UNICEF, an organization working for children, also got support. Asha Mishra of Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti says that a survey was conducted among more than 12 thousand children in the district and realizing their need, communities were interacted with. The representatives of the community agreed to this and the daughters came forward for this work. For this those areas were selected which used to be on the margins of the society. For example Adivasis, Dalits and other weaker sections. It got the support of the society and after that these centers were started.

More than five hundred community learning centers are being run in Sehore district, out of which 687 volunteers are engaged in studies according to the interest of the children. Special emphasis is on language and mathematics. Children from class I to V come in these centres. In the Community Learning Center, the responsibility of teaching the children at most of the centers is handled by the girl students studying in the college. Those who are engaged in giving the knowledge of language and mathematics to the children through play and games. Babli Ivne of the center operated in Kankaria village here is herself studying MA. She tells that she feels inner happiness in teaching children, as well as for making the future of the children, she teaches in sports games. Children also come to the center at five o’clock after returning from school and study with great fun for two hours. Similarly, in another center in Kokaria, Pinky Dangotia herself is studying MA in Political Science, but teaches 20 children at home. Pinky says that when children are taught through play, they do not realize that they are studying and do not even feel pressure. Therefore, even after going to school, these children happily come to the study center. Another village is Chakaldi, where two sisters Abhilasha and Priyanshi Dhurve run the centre.

Both the sisters engaged in this work for the last one year tell that children come to the center and have a lot of fun and also study. Yes, it is necessary to keep in mind that when children express their desire to play, they also have to play with them. Children find this center like a home. This is the reason why children reach home from school and insist on coming to the centre. UNICEF Madhya Pradesh education expert F.A. Jami says it is good to see that the efforts made by the community led especially by the girls are showing positive results in Sehore district when the learning loss due to school closure during Corona is overcome. worked to do.” Suman Upadhyay, the teacher of the Government Primary School of Chakaldi, believes that due to the education of children in the Community Learning Center started during the Corona period and the subsequent contact campaign, the number of students enrolled in the school. The number has increased.

In the year 2020, where the number of students was 70, now the number has increased to 116. Reena Dhurve and Mamta Vishwakarma, the mothers of the children studying in the community learning center, say that in the recent times of Corona, the children were worried the most because the children could not go to play and It was a challenge to save him from the disease. In such a situation, if the urge to study remains, then the main reason for that is because the schools were closed and it was not easy to teach tuition. In this situation, these centers have been very helpful in creating new enthusiasm among the children. (IANS)

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