Dozens of cows reached Dwarka after walking 450 km for the blessings of Yogeshwar Shrikrishna

Gujarat. In our country, true devotion towards God is not only in humans but also in animals and birds. Whose example is still seen from time to time. One such hallmark has been seen in Dwarka, the city of Lord Krishna on Wednesday night. There 25 cows walked 450 km to reach Lord Krishna.

The temple was opened at 12 midnight to give him darshan of God. The cows circumambulated the temple after having darshan of the Lord. Along with prasad for the cows, fodder and water were also arranged by the temple management. This news may sound like a story but it is 100% true.

The lives of the cows were saved by the grace of God.
About two months ago, 25 cows of Mahadev Desai’s Gaushala living in Kutch were affected by the lumpy virus. During this, the process of death of cows due to the havoc of lumpy virus was going on in entire Saurashtra. At the same time, Mahadev had sought a vow from Lord Dwarkadhish that if his cows were cured, he would go to visit you with these cows.

Mahadev says, ‘ Leaving everything on Lord Dwarkadhish, I got engaged in the treatment of cows. After a few days, all the cows started recovering and after 20 days, 25 cows became completely healthy. Not only this, due to the grace of God, Lumpy virus infection did not spread to other cows of the gaushala as well.

Cows were given darshan by opening the temple at midnight
The biggest problem for the temple administration was regarding the entry of cows into the temple. The temple is thronged by thousands of devotees throughout the day. In such a situation, the arrangement of the temple would have deteriorated due to the arrival of cows. That’s why it was decided that the temple should be opened at midnight. It was also thought that Lord Krishna was a devotee of cows only, so he can give darshan to them even at night. In this way the doors of the temple were opened after 12 o’clock in the night.

After reaching Dwarka, the cows first visited Lord Dwarkadhish and also circumambulated the temple. Even at this time many people were present in the temple premises to welcome the cows. Apart from the prasad of the Lord, the priests of the temple had also arranged for fodder and water for them.

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