Don’t be enemy, friend has done the work! Dreadful act done with friend’s wife on honeymoon, got punishment after seven years

In the year 2016, a similar incident happened in Singapore, where a friend broke the relationship of friendship under the influence of alcohol.

Till date, you must have seen only in movies and prank videos that on the night of a wedding, someone else goes to the bride’s room instead of the groom and does all that only the groom is entitled to. But now this incident has become a reality. However, this incident did not happen in his country.

According to the information, in the year 2016, a similar incident happened in Singapore, where a friend under the influence of alcohol kept the relationship of friendship wired. In fact, it happened that the person who arrived at the wedding of his close friend did something in a state of intoxication which a friend could never do with his friend. After the wedding rituals, the bride and groom partyed fiercely with friends and both went to rest in a state of intoxication. When she woke up, her close friend was found in the bedroom with the bride instead of her husband.

As soon as she came to know about the incident, the woman lodged a case with the police. On the woman’s ruckus, at first the husband’s friend admitted that he had made a mistake, but later he overturned in the court. Arguing in the court, the man said that he was also intoxicated and he was having a physical relationship with the wife of a friend thinking that he was his wife. Let us tell you that this case went on for about 7 years and in the end the court punished the friend by calling him an accused. Whereas on the other hand there was a divorce between the woman and her husband only after the incident.

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