Do you know the difference between Gold, Classic and Platinum cards? difference between offers

Different Types of Debit/Credit Card: The use of Credit Card and Debit Card has increased very rapidly in the last total years. As soon as people open their account in the bank, the bank issues them the debit card automatically. However, most customers choose the card according to their needs. At the same time, some customers choose the card by default while opening the account. But, many a times the cards selected by them are not able to fulfill all their needs. So let us tell you about the specialties related to Visa and RuPay cards, which you can use according to your need-

classic card
Classic Visa Card is a very basic card in which all types of customer service are available. Along with this, you can replace this card whenever you want according to your need. Through this card you can also withdraw cash in case of emergency.

gold card
Gold Visa Card helps you avail facilities like Travel Assistant, Global Customer Assistance Services. This card is accepted all over the world. This card is available from the global ATM network. You can use the card in any corner of the country. Along with this, you also get a discount to use this card at retail, dining and entertainment outlets.

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Platinum Card
Platinum card is accepted all over the world like a golden card. Through this card, you get the facilities of Global ATM Network. Along with this, benefits of medical and legal referral and assistant are also available. Many other facilities are available on this card like various offers, hundreds of deals, discounts etc.

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Signature Card
On Signature Card, you get many facilities like many types of offers, hundreds of deals, discount offers etc. Along with this, you also get premium facilities like Airport Lounge Access.

There are so many types of RuPay Card
Let us tell you that the RuPay card available in India also gives the facility of three types of cards to the customers. This includes Classic, Platinum and Select Card.


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