Do you know how much plastic is there in the soil, food and rivers of Delhi?

If you live in Delhi you will soon come to know how polluted your food and water is. The Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DSSSB) is conducting a survey to find out the extent and type of microplastics in the Yamuna, soil and vegetables. The officials will also study whether the soil of the flood plains is suitable for cultivation. For this exercise, samples will be taken from 10 points along the river in summer, winter and monsoon months. According to the DPCC, the Yamuna floodplain spread over a radius of 48 km from Palla to Okhla will be divided into three parts of 16-16 km each, Palla to Wazirabad, Wazirabad to Nizamuddin Bridge and Nizamuddin Bridge to Okhla for research.


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