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new Delhi, Loan transactions are common, people take loans according to their needs, but according to the scriptures, some special days are important for making decisions related to money. Many times it also happens that people invest money but better returns do not come. It is written in the scriptures that auspicious and inauspicious days have been given for money transactions.

Auspicious or inauspicious day for transactions:

Tuesday should not be taken even for borrowing. It is written in astrology that the loan taken on Tuesday is not repaid quickly and there is also trouble.

If you are repaying the loan, then Tuesday is an auspicious day. If you are repaying the loan on Tuesday, then the loan gets repaid early, by doing this one gets freedom from that debt forever. Therefore, according to the scriptures, Tuesday is considered a good day to repay the loan.

Should not take loan on Sunday:

The scriptures say that one should not take a loan on the day of Sun Sankranti, Hasta Nakshatra and Sunday, those who take a loan on this day never get their debt repaid and they have a great impact on the generations to come. So whatever happens, avoid borrowing on Sundays.

Lending should not be done on Wednesday because it has been said in the scriptures that the loan given to anyone on Wednesday is not returned, if they go against them, the ways of return are closed.

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