Do not eat these things even before sleeping, there will be a huge loss to health. 1 News Track English

Health Update: Health experts say that if you do not pay attention to your eating habits at night, then you may have to face many diseases. From having dinner late at night to eating food immediately before bed, the risk of diabetes, blood pressure including obesity, heart disease and stroke increases. This habit harms health in every way. Let us know about some such things which should not be eaten immediately before sleeping-

Spicy Food

If you are having dinner late in the night, then you should avoid spicy food. Eating spicy food immediately before sleeping can spoil your digestive system, which will make it difficult to digest food. Not only this, due to upset stomach, your sleep can also be affected.

Fried Foods

Eating high-calorie food or fried foods such as potato chips, french fries and burgers puts pressure on the digestive system. Eating these things in dinner can affect your sleep. You may feel gas, constipation or any other problem while sleeping. Women are more prone to this problem especially due to changes in hormones.

sweet food

Most people have a habit of eating something sweet after dinner, but experts say that eating sweets before sleeping can cause many problems. There is no physical activity after dinner and insulin resistance after a time increases the chances of diabetes.


The effect of drinking alcohol at night directly affects the brain. Not only this, due to the effect on the nervous system, brain activities slow down. According to experts, sleeping quality often becomes very poor after drinking alcohol late at night and sleep is also not complete.


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