Disappointed with the decision of the umpire, Virat Kohli slams the bat on the boundary line, the video goes viral

IND vs NZ, 2nd Test Match: In the ongoing second Test match between India and New Zealand, the decision of captain Virat Kohli to be out lbw has come under controversy. Kohli had taken a review on the decision of the field umpire, but the third umpire, despite doubts, declared him out. It seemed as if the ball first hit the bat and then hit the pad. Kohli looked quite disappointed with the third umpire’s decision. Discussions are going on on social media regarding his dismissal. Fans are expressing their displeasure over the decision of the umpire.

Angry Kohli slams the bat on the boundary line, video goes viral
When Virat Kohli was going back to the pavilion after the third umpire’s decision, he was disappointed with the decision. While leaving, in anger, he hit the bat on the rope of the boundary line. This video of Virat Kohli is going viral on social media at the moment. People are sharing this and expressing their reaction.

Many veterans also raised questions on the decision of the umpire
On one hand the fans are criticizing the decision of the umpire, while on the other hand all the veterans are also calling this decision wrong. Now former England captain Michael Vaughan has also joined this discussion. He has expressed his opinion on this matter. Responding to the video of Kohli’s dismissal, former England cricketer Michael Vaughan wrote – ‘Not out’. According to him, Virat was not out and the umpire gave a wrong decision.

Annoyed fans on social media
Earlier, Indian fans were very angry about this decision on social media and they expressed their opinion about it. Fans believe that if the umpire had any doubts, then the batsman should have benefited from it.

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