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Due to a virus that started from Wuhan city of China, the system of all the countries of the world went awry and one of them was India. Not only the people doing job and business got affected but the students studying also had to suffer a lot due to this virus. However, not only because of the excellent management of the government students studying in higher level institutions Rather, students studying in government schools and colleges also got the opportunity to attend online classes.

But this system was not considered as pure. Students who did not have the best equipment suffered the most. In such a situation, the students have suffered a lot. Keeping this in mind, the Central Government has started the ‘Prime Minister’s Evidya Platform’. In this article we PM eVidya Yojana Online Platform Will talk about and learn that ‘What is Pradhan Mantri Evidya Yojana and how to do Diksha Registration’! So let’s get started.

Pradhan Mantri E Vidya Scheme 2022 Online Registration Form Short Details

full name of the scheme PM E Vidya Scheme/Yojana 2022
By whom this scheme was started Pradhan Mantri E Vidya Registration
Scheme start date Active Now
who will benefit pan india
date of payment NA
Official Website and
One Nation One Digital Platform
One Nation One Digital Platform

What is Prime Minister eVidya Platform? PM eVidya Program Explained

If the Pradhan Mantri Evidya Platform is called a program and not a scheme, it would be easier to understand. Pradhan Mantri Vidya Platform is a digital program Through which students will be taught through digital methods. This program was started long ago and its objective was to reduce the loss of education to the students in the middle of the lockdown so that the students can continue learning and improve their development of skills Maintain it continuously. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman only to promote digital education between Corona in India and to make e-learning possible for students and teachers. PM eVidya Program was started. self declaration Prime Minister Narendra Modi Did it.

PM eVIDYA Platform Complete Details

Prime Minister’s Education Program More than 100 universities and many schools of the country have been added under So that students can be prepared from 3 to 6 hours of class according to their ability. The student can access these classes from his smartphone or laptop etc. For the students who do not have such modern equipment, these classes will be telecasted through some specific channel on TV. Under the Pradhan Mantri Vidya Program, a substantial budget will be spent in the field of e-learning so that any student can develop his skills while sitting at home and continue his education.

What is the objective of the Prime Minister’s eVidya program?

Prime Minister’s Vidya program is one of the best programs launched among the people for the students because Through this, any student can easily get education while sitting at his home. In Prime Minister E Vidya Program Central government A lot of budget is being spent through this and the state governments are also giving full support to the central government in running this scheme. People of almost all the states living in the country will be able to take advantage of this scheme. If we talk about the main objective of Pradhan Mantri eVidya program, then the main objective of this program is to promote e-learning in the country.

Benefits of eVidya Program

Those students will be most benefited by eVidya program Those who do not have modern equipment like Laptop for Smartphone to study online. In fact, under this programme, 12 channels will be made for classes from 1st to 12th, on which 6-hour classes can be telecast. These TV channels will remain free. Through this process, any student will easily be able to take education digitally. Through this PM eVidya 2022 program, students will be able to get education while sitting at home.

How to register for Pradhan Mantri eVidya program? (PM eVidhya – Diksha Registration)

prime minister’s 2 portals have been created under Vidya program Through which any student can easily take classes according to their interest. To access these portals, the student’s bus And have to go to Login and register students by visiting these portals.

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