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Dhara Shah is a popular YouTuber and singer of Gujarat and his folk song is becoming more popular day by day. She is known for her versatility.

Recently, when Dhara’s YouTube channel “Dhara Prabhudas Shah” completed 1 lakh subscribers earlier this month, She was honored with a “Silver Button Award” by YouTube.

After the wonderful success of the folk song “Maniyaro”, it has given a new and different identity to Gujarati folk music. That song is given by eccentric voice of Kathiawad’s Dhara Shah.

Dhara Shah is a well known singer and YouTuber from Gujarat. Who started YouTube in 2012. While today ahe has been honored to give the Silver Button through YouTube. Dhara Shah has given hit songs to Gujarat. Her songs like Kesar, Srinathji and Maniyaro in particular has received a very good response from the audience.

Dhara Shah says in a conversation that She started YouTube in 2012. I was inspired to start YouTube by watching Jonita Gandhi at that time YouTube was challenging for me. even I didn’t have much of an idea but over time I gradually learned everything. At this time my friend Jimmy Desai who is a very good music director and Chintan Mehta who is a director both worked with faith for me.

Dhara Shah further said that currently my song “Maniyaro” has come which has received a very good response from the audience. “Maniyaro” is a song requested by a fan. We haven’t celebrated Navratri outside in this coward’s situation, so fans urge me to create something that we can sing and play together. The great achievement of “Maniyaro” is its place in the Bhavnagar Imperial Heritage Collection.



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