DGP’s press conference on Karauli files

Karauli Files : Karauli DGP ML Lather, the chief of police of the state, spoke to the media in the Police Commissionerate today on the violence that broke out in the state and talked about the action being taken by the police on this whole matter. DGP Lather said that an unpleasant incident has happened in Karauli, such an incident is fatal for the brotherhood in the society.

Lather said on provocative slogans

DGP Lather said that during the procession, provocative slogans were being raised by some people, footage of which has been found by the police. In response to those slogans, this unpleasant incident has happened. Further, Lather also said that both raising slogans and reacting to it is wrong.

Image Source – ANI

Lather shrugged off the important question

A journalist asked Lather a sharp question as to why the police did not conduct a drone survey of the area before such a procession and how the stones reached the spot in such a large number. So Lather shrugged off this question and said that we cannot tell about the intelligence in the media.

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Responding to another question, Lather said that permission was sought for such procession for the first time in Karauli after 2015. Lather further said that everyone has the right to celebrate their festival, it is not right to stop anyone. Earlier, there is no history of such incident, so the police did not conduct a drone survey. Lather also said that seventy percent force of the district was engaged in the fair of Kailadevi because there is a big fair during Navratras. That is why the police got more attention. Had to see the arrangements of Kailadevi.

Image Source – BBC

On the other hand, BJP took the matter to Delhi.

The BJP continues to attack the Gehlot government on the Karauli violence. Now the BJP has once again targeted the Gehlot government by holding a press conference on the Karauli violence from the BJP headquarters in Delhi.

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