Demonstration in Gwalior and Indore against Agneepath scheme

Bhopal. Today some people demonstrated in Gwalior and Indore against the Agneepath scheme announced by the Central Government, however the situation was immediately brought under control by the police. According to reports that reached Bhopal, a group of youths tried to sabotage by entering the station premises in the Birla Nagar railway station area of ​​Gwalior. The police used sticks and used teargas shells to disperse the crowd.

In one part of Indore too, youth were seen raising slogans against the scheme. The police controlled them. According to the State Police Headquarters, at present there is no information of demonstration from anywhere else in the state. But the police has been alerted in all the districts. In connection with the demonstrations in Gwalior and Indore, the police will identify the accused and take legal action against them.

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