Demonetisation and GST is a conspiracy to destroy MSME, Rahul’s attack on Modi government

Rahul Gandhi termed demonetisation and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as a deliberate attempt by the Modi government to destroy the MSME sector.

These days Rahul Gandhi is out on the India Jodo Yatra.

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Congress claimed this on Wednesday. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) And accused the central government of demonetisation and GST. Narendra Modi Not the fault of the government, but deliberate steps to destroy small businesses and benefit a select few big industrialists. All India Congress Committee (AICC) Jairam Ramesh, general secretary, said that during Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s interaction with representatives of information technology (IT) and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sectors, he was questioned about these two economic steps. Speaking to the media ahead of the start of the second phase of the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ for the day, Ramesh said that Gandhi reacted to the demonetisation and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) being used by the Modi government to destroy the MSME sector. A deliberate attempt of.

According to Ramesh, Gandhi said, it was not a mistake. These were deliberate steps to destroy the small businesses, MSME sector and benefit a select few businesses, industries and industrialists. “Instead of looking at demonetisation and GST as mistakes, his (Gandhi’s) view was that it was Modi’s vision to benefit a select few of his industrialists and destroy small and medium businesses and the informal sector of the economy,” Ramesh told reporters. were part of the plan.

He said that apart from representatives from the IT and MSME sectors, Gandhi, the Wayanad MP, met members of the transgender community, a delegation of Kerala Congress and 50 others, including eminent educationists, advocates, spokespersons, civil society activists and other citizens. were involved. Ramesh said the Kerala Congress delegation gave a report to Gandhi about the problems faced by spice and rubber producers in the state and also referred to the issue of demarcation of environmentally sensitive areas in the state.

Raised the issue of MSME in Parliament too

He said that Wayanad MP Gandhi assured him that he would raise these issues in Parliament and would also write a letter to the Prime Minister regarding these matters. Ramesh said that in his interaction with representatives of the IT and MSME sector, Gandhi discussed the issue of red tape as well as how it affects not only influential industrialists but only small and medium businesses, as all this. It is a matter of political access.

People are able to speak freely in Congress

Ramesh said when asked how the Congress is different from the BJP, the Wayanad MP Gandhi replied that his party is less centralized and not autocratic and has never suppressed voices of dissent. According to Ramesh, Gandhi said that people are able to speak more openly in his party than in the BJP. Gandhi also said that apart from unemployment, one of the major challenges facing the country is the concentration of wealth and economic power in the hands of a few. Ramesh said that according to Gandhi, such centralization of economic power to some is also a deliberate step of the Modi government.


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