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Bhopal. Today the democracy of India is going through a strange trouble, the first and main need of democracy is a strong opposition and the current government in our country does not want the opposition? The biggest joke is that the former President of the Bharatiya Janata Party ruling the country and the current Union Minister is not unanimous on this issue, former party president and Union Home Minister Amit Shah is advocating to make this country Congress-free. So, the other former President and Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari is propounding the need for Congress to be strong and empowered. Now if the arguments of these two former party presidents are understood deeply, then Gadkari’s arguments seem more correct and compatible with the democratic method, while Amit Shah is making rhetoric according to the spirit of the Prime Minister.

The poets of our country have also expressed the same sentiment many years ago, they have said- “Near rakhiya, aangan kuti chhabay, without water, soap without nirmal kare subhay” i.e. if all the ‘Ji-Hazuri’ people around the leadership If so, better democracy cannot be nurtured, unless the ‘Cynical’ (Opposition) is firmly in front, who will tell the mistake or weakness of the leadership, the cynic can make the mind and mind pure without water and soap.

Prime Minister Honorable Narendra Bhai Modi is already cherishing the dream of making India ‘Congressless’ even before his first coronation and it should be called his good fortune or the misfortune of the country’s democracy that Congress is not due to Modi’s efforts but from his own actions. Is going to end and apart from this country’s oldest and oldest political party, there is currently no such political party in the country, which can replace the Congress? And if Gadkari, who believes in the democratic system, is expressing concern over the current situation of the Congress, then he is not wrong at all.

Today, if the Congress is going through its difficult phase, then no one else, only and only the current leadership of the Congress is responsible for it, because both the mother and son leading the party are inexperienced and then both of them have taken the other seniors of the party. In such a situation, who should save the Congress? The history of the Congress is not even known to the mother and son, the history of this party is that whoever is the party president, the real leadership of it has been done by the Gandhi-Nehru family, there have been many such examples of the last century. Sitaram Kesari and other leaders have been on the post of party president, but the real reins of the party remained in the hands of Gandhi-Nehru family, the party which has such history, why is the present president of that party pretending to resign?

Now what should be said on this situation, while two Union ministers are looking at power and democracy from different point of view and weighing it on the scales of the Congress, while the Congress, which has become the scale itself, is not predicting its own tilt? And what would be the harsher truth of today that the concern of the Congress itself is not so much for the party leadership and its followers as the democracy-loving leader of the opposition party associated with power? Now in such a situation, who is to be blamed in the real sense for the current opposition-less India?

Now the biggest and most important concern of the aware citizens of the country is that whether democracy will be able to survive in a country without opposition or not? Because it has been a history even in the mind that an elephant without a control becomes a madman and a ruler without an opposition becomes a dictator or a ‘dictator’. This is the biggest concern of India today.

Arti Raturi

Arti Raturi is a Senior Journalist at
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