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Deltachron: Reversed symptoms

Even though the new variant of Corona is less lethal than before, it should not be taken lightly. especially those people who have high blood pressure, Suffers from diseases like diabetes or asthma. For most people, even if there is no danger to life from Deltachron, if they fall prey to it, then 10 to 15 days are sure to get worse. The risk becomes more serious in the case when the RT-PCR report of Corona has a Ct value of less than 15 i.e. high covid infection in the lungs. asthma, This condition is fatal for blood pressure and sugar patients.

Whatever is read or known about the disease is insufficient, the reality is understood only when you fall prey to it. The DeltaCrone (unofficial name) variant of Corona is running in the country since April 2022, there is a belief that it is like a cold and not life threatening, which is why the use of masks has reduced and prescribed. Protocol was not being followed. Results Now almost everyone is in the grip of it, there is no such ruckus as before, there is no fear of death, so people are not even getting the test done. Perhaps one of the reasons for the low testing is the availability of self-home testing kits, people do tests at home, and no one knows.

Even though the new variant of Corona is less lethal than before, it should not be taken lightly, especially those who suffer from diseases like blood pressure, sugar or asthma. For most people, even if there is no danger to life from Deltachron, if they fall prey to it, it is sure to get worse in 10 to 15 days. The assumption is also going wrong that those who have got corona or those who are vaccinated will not get corona, if they come in contact with an infected person without a mask, then it is sure to be caught, because the R value of this variant is two. That is, one person can infect about two people.

Characteristics of the new variant

Ever since the corona came in the country, I have been saved from it, almost stopped leaving the house due to the transplant and being under the supervision of doctors. But this month I got caught in it when I attended the wedding ceremony of Devansh Sharma, son of my friend Mr. Sanjay Sharma (Proprietor- Master Band, Delhi) on May 11, then two days later its symptoms started appearing.

The World Health Organization has released a general list of symptoms of this new variant, but in most cases, the emergence of symptoms depends on the patient’s immunity. In the initial variants of corona, where the throat was sore as the first symptom, in the new variants it starts with body pain. The pain starting from the feet gradually spreads throughout the body, followed by a fever of 99-100 degrees Fahrenheit, the victim starts having a sore throat, cough and difficulty in breathing.

In most cases of the initial variant of corona, people’s ability to smell and taste was seen to be affected, many of my friends were diagnosed with corona only after the loss of smell, but this year hardly any cases were reported. Has occurred in which the sense of smell of the victim has been affected as an initial symptom. Yes, the taste of the mouth does deteriorate, that too by taking antipyretic drugs like paracetamol and antibiotics to prevent infection in the respiratory system. Eight symptoms such as cough, runny nose, fatigue, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, fever and sneezing are the hallmarks of this new variant, it is not necessary that these symptoms appear in all, some only have a fever of 99-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Or there is only a slight cough.

The real problem starts after the fever subsides, because most of them lose their appetite and cough starts due to tightness in the lungs. In such a situation, taking antibiotics has a worse effect on the appetite, the taste of the mouth goes away, which takes 10 to 15 days to come back. Weakness increases due to loose motion due to high doses of antibiotics for a long time, to avoid such a situation, take probiotics along with antibiotics.

Effect of new variant on already sick person

A healthy person starts feeling fine in about 10 days after being infected with a new variant of corona, but for a person already suffering from any chronic disease, corona infection is still a fatal risk. This risk becomes more serious in the case when the RT-PCR report of Corona has a Ct value of less than 15 i.e. high covid infection in the lungs. This condition is fatal for patients of asthma, blood pressure and sugar.

The bad effect of Kovid infection is on the heart along with the lungs, due to prolonged infection, inflammation in the heart muscle increases the risk of clotting due to obstruction of blood flow, which leads to heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. You must have heard that the person passed away after a complete recovery, in reference to the famous playback singer SP Bal Subramaniam.

Infection of any variant of corona is fatal for asthma patients, because corona first destroys the respiratory system. In Asthma, there is wheezing, choking, cough and chest pain while breathing due to swelling, narrowing or production of excess mucus in the tubes of the respiratory system. When we breathe, with each breath, air moves from the nose or mouth to the lungs through the respiratory tract, small air passages in the lungs that carry oxygen from the air to the bloodstream (blood stream). When the lining of the respiratory airway swells due to infection, the surrounding muscles become stiff, the mucus created from the infection fills the respiratory airways, causing less oxygen to reach the lungs. The oxygen level in asthma patients is already lower than that of the common person and it declines so rapidly on corona infection that the person needs immediate oxygen support, if it is delayed then it is dead.

If a person is taking medicines to reduce immunity, then he can fall prey to corona soon and the situation will be more fatal for him than others, this is due to his low immunity. Where his own immune system is unable to fight diseases naturally, due to immunity-reducing drugs, the virus of diseases becomes more lethal and infection spreads many times faster. Organ transplant, whether it is kidney, liver, heart or any other organ, is given the same immunity reducing drugs, so that our body accepts the external organ as its own. In any such situation, never take medicines on your own in case of corona infection, immediately contact the concerned doctor and follow his advice. For example, kidney transplant patients should immediately talk to their nephrologist if they are infected with corona. In such a situation, the nephrologist first reduces immunity and then gives medicines to prevent infection.

If you consult a general physician after seeing others, then the matter may get worse, because even medicines like crocin do not work when the immunity is low, due to which it takes several days for the fever to subside. Apart from this, which medicines will be safe to prevent infection, it will be decided by the nephrologist or the doctor related to organ transplant.

keep these things in mind

Keep in mind the oxygen saturation level when corona is infected, if it is 94 or above then there is no danger. Contact the doctor if it is below 93, if it is below 90 or below, take the patient to the nearest covid hospital. Make gargles with Betadine in case of sore throat and inhale the steam thrice a day if coughing starts. Take fever medicine only when there is fever, otherwise not. If the CT value is 18 or less after getting the test done, then contact the doctor, if he asks for chest X-ray or CT scan, then get it done immediately. Take the medicines prescribed by the doctor on time and complete the course of antibiotics. Never take antibiotics on your own, taking antibiotics for a long time can be harmful.

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