debate on shiv sena case again today

New Delhi, The matter related to the disqualification of the rebel Shiv Sena MLAs and other matters related to the political crisis in Maharashtra were heard in the Supreme Court on Wednesday. The matter will be heard again on Wednesday morning. In Tuesday’s hearing, all the parties presented arguments on five petitions and there was heated debate. Chief Justice NV Ramanna also asked many questions to the lawyers of the rebel faction of Shiv Sena. The court said that when it postponed the hearing, the Shinde faction formed the government.

The bench of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court told the counsel for Shinde’s side – We had postponed the hearing for 10 days. You formed the government, changed the speaker. On this, the lawyer of Shinde faction Harish Salve said – Uddhav Thackeray himself had resigned from the post of Chief Minister. He also said that one person or leader cannot be the whole party. On this, Chief Justice NV Ramanna said that it will be heard again on Thursday morning at 10.30 am.

At the beginning of the hearing on Wednesday, Kapil Sibal, the counsel for the Uddhav faction, said that if two-thirds of the MLAs want to break away from the Shiv Sena, they will have to merge with someone or form a new party. He cannot say that he is the original party. Sibal further said- the way he has given up the membership of the party. They cannot claim to be the original party. The 10th Schedule does not allow this.

He said- A party is not just a group of MLAs. These people were called to the party meeting. They didn’t come. Wrote a letter to the Deputy Speaker. appointed his whip. In fact, he has left the party. He cannot claim to be the original party. Even today Shiv Sena President is Uddhav Thackeray.

In response to Sibal’s arguments, Harish Salve said- How can a leader who does not have the support of the majority continue? When there has been internal division in the party, how could the other faction not attend the meeting become a disqualification? On this, the Chief Justice expressed his displeasure and said – In this way, the party will have no meaning. Anyone can do anything after being elected as an MLA. He further said- We had postponed the hearing for 10 days. In the meantime you have formed the government. Speakers changed. Now you are saying, everything is meaningless. Then Salve said that he is not saying that these things should not be considered. The Chief Justice then asked him to draft all his points properly and submit them to the court. It will be heard again on Thursday.

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