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Debaleena Saha: Law Student with Great Sense of Fashion

Today we are going to talk about Debaleena Saha a.k.a Debaleena_buzz who is pursuing BBA.LLB(H) from Amity University. She has a great sense of fashion. She defines “Fashion & Beauty” as an art! We got a chance to have a great conversation with her. Without further ado, let’s straight jump into the interview.

Interview of Debaleena Saha

How and when did you start working in the fashion field?

I’ve Always been enthusiastic about looking put together for years prior to my social media, I used to dress up as a kid using mom’s makeup in front of the mirror just like many other girls. I remember having a few barbie dolls and wishing to someday have clothes that are vibrant and facial features that are perfect.

Debaleena Saha, who is Debaleena Saha, Debaleena Saha blogger, Debaleena_buzz

I started my blog somewhere around October 2015, Blogging wasn’t common back then, more to that I was preparing for my entrance exams during those days, Obviously didn’t take it seriously and hence I wasn’t much consistent later that year I started posting fashion content on my Instagram, It took me time to start Beauty content to as late as 2018 when I posted makeup video where I was performing makeup on my best friend and that took the pace, since then I decided to take this seriously and landed my first “Collaboration” with the well-known platform. That took up and so did I, Ever since then I haven’t stopped and looked behind.

I have attended quite a few fashion shows and got the opportunity to collaborate with big brands like “Marks & Spencer, Aldo, Nykaa, Lakme, Amazon naming just a few out of the list of many”

Are you cloth obsessed by born? Tell us why do you love trying out new outfits?

Like I’ve said I am quite into fashion since my childhood and I wouldn’t call myself a hoarded of clothes even though most likely I do hoard a lot Because I believe “dressing up being an important thing for a person it talks a lot about personality”

Debaleena Saha, who is Debaleena Saha, Debaleena Saha blogger, Debaleena_buzz

Which is your favourite fashion brand?

H&M, Marks & Spencer & Zara, Majorly because over a period of time whether I reflect this on social media (ie my Instagram or Youtube) or not I am inclined towards “Formal wear chic minimalist outfits” more, and these brands provide best in class, well fitted once at very affordable price. And my fashion is still evolving so if you ask me the same question after a year possibilities are some things may change.

How do you manage to study Law and your art (Fashion & Beauty) together?

When you love what you do, It never stresses you. Subject I am studying for my Major at University interests me as much as Fashion & Beauty does.

I’ve been a canvas painter during my high school days colours are something that always ignites a sheer share of interest in me, Let it come in the form of Fashion or Beauty.

Debaleena Saha, who is Debaleena Saha, Debaleena Saha blogger, Debaleena_buzz

What are your goals in this field of art? How do you see yourself progress in this field?

Certainly, I have some plans for this, which I wouldn’t want to jinx it by prompting about it, But definitely I see myself grow over a period of time subject to my consistency at working towards it.

A piece of advice for the youth out there who wants to make a career in this field.

Know what you want from yourself, It can be difficult to make calls at this very moment “But this is the time, This is all you have” You do not have any responsibility or pressure. So try out everything you feel you can perform, But one at a time and be “Patient”, Overnight success comes to those who have been patient for years putting their efforts dedicatedly & consistently.

Well, that’s pretty much it in this interview of Debaleena Saha. For her best future opportunities, we wish her good luck.





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