Dalit child touched the idol, imposed a fine of 60000, the family said – now we will worship Ambedkar

The village panchayat imposed a fine of 60 thousand rupees on the Dalit family after touching the idol of God. After which the victim’s family has said that they will now only worship Ambedkar.

Dalit family of Karnataka installed a picture of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar in place of God in the house

Bangalore A shocking case has come to the fore about 60 kms away. one in the village Dalit The child of the family touched a pillar attached to the deity during a procession. After which the villagers paid 60 thousand rupees on his family. Fine has been applied. At the same time, the Dalit family has opposed this and said that now they will only worship Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

Actually Shobamma is a resident of Ullerahalli village near Kolar district of Karnataka with her family. Bhutayamma fair was organized in the village on 9th September. The Dalits of the village are not allowed to go to the village temple. Shobamma’s 15-year-old son was outside when the procession was being taken out during this fair. During the procession he touched a pillar which was directly attached to the idol of Siddhiranna.

A person from the village alleged this and asked the family members to come in front of the senior people of the village. On the second day, Shobamma met the senior people of the village, where she was asked to pay 60 thousand rupees by 1 October. This village panchayat not only sentenced him but also threatened that if he did not pay the fine, then he would be thrown out of the village.’;

We will worship only Ambedkar – family

In this whole matter Shobamma said, ‘If God does not want us, then we will not pray to him. We will worship only Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar from now on.’ A local resident told that there are 75-80 houses in the village. Most of these families come from the Vokkaliga community. At the same time, there are about 10 houses of Dalits in the village. Shobamma’s house is on the outskirts of the village. His son studies in the 10th standard in a nearby village.

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Case registered, will be arrested

The matter came to light when Shobamma pleaded for help from some social activities. Kolar Deputy Commissioner Venkata Raja said that he had gone to the village on Wednesday and met the victim’s family. “We have given him a plot and also some money so that he can build a house. We are also giving job to Shobamma in Social Welfare Hostel. I have also ordered the police to arrest the accused. The police have also booked Narayanaswamy, Venkateshappa and the husband of the village head, and the village vice-pradhan, among others, under the Protection of Civil Rights Act.


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