Cyber ​​crime becoming a challenge

The rate at which cyber crimes have increased in the world including India.

Abhishek Kumar Singh

Whether it is a breach of each other’s establishments or crimes related to cyber fraud like burglary of bank accounts, ATMs, mobile banking or burglary, or cases of breaches of email, Facebook, WhatsApp etc., cyber crime is committed by societies and governments. have emerged as a serious problem.

The rapid increase in cyber crimes across the world, including India, is bound to make governments sleepless. Hardly a day passes when the news of any cyber crime is not heard. Whether it is a breach of each other’s establishments or crimes related to cyber fraud like burglary of bank accounts, ATMs, mobile banking or burglary, or cases of breaches of email, Facebook, WhatsApp etc., cyber crime is committed by societies and governments. have emerged as a serious problem.

This problem is increasing rapidly in India. The most serious aspect of this problem is that the number and role of youth is increasing in cyber crime. Educated young professionals are also involved in this, so there are also teenagers and youth who have not even completed their degree level education. But these criminals, who have little knowledge of information technology, are duping every case from cyber police stations to digital experts. The proof of this is the recent incident in which some youths tried to defame Muslim women in the cyber world by creating an app to auction them online. The information received about the youth who have been arrested in these cases is forcing cyber experts and sociologists to think that why cyber crimes are attracting our youth in such a way that they can differentiate between right and wrong. are not able to.

The latest case is related to the campaign to defame Muslim women and spread hatred against them. The app called Bulli Bai was similar to Sulli Bai, which was in the news a while back, which was being used to create an atmosphere of hatred on the internet-social media against Muslim women. In this app, pictures of some prominent Muslim women were collected from social media and they were uploaded for auction available for sale. Hurt by this incident, the women lodged a case with the police. The information received about the youths caught by the police from different parts of the country is astonishing.

What is bothering our country and society about these accused who have hurt the honor of women in the cyber world is that they are very young and well educated. One of the accused, who holds a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) degree, confessed that he had created the Sulli app to harass Muslim women online. Similarly, one of the accused, who created the Bulli Bai app, told that he has accounts on social media with different identities through which he remains active on the Internet. An eighteen-year-old girl student from Rudrapur in Uttarakhand was also caught in this case.

These incidents are a new type of challenge in the case of cyber crimes. If we look at the list of cyber crimes in recent times, we will find that OTP (One Time Password) and credit card forgery, e-commerce, making fake identity cards, obtaining fake mobile numbers, creating fake addresses and stealing goods. From buying and selling through the Internet, there is no such cyber fraud left on which criminals active in this world have not tried their hands. In such cases, even after being caught, there is no guarantee that such digital frauds will stop soon and the public will be able to use all kinds of virtual transactions, buying and selling or social media without any hesitation. The question is why such situation has arisen and is there any end to these cyber crimes?

Ever since the pandemic has engulfed the world, cyber criminals have come out with a lottery. Since most of the economic activities ranging from shopping, studies to internet are being done through internet computer network during the Corona period, the dangers of breaking into them have increased equally. A global analysis about this was done by Verizon Business Company of America. In a report prepared in May 2021, the company reported that it analyzed twenty-nine thousand Internet security incidents in 2021, spanning eighty-eight countries, twelve industries and three world regions.

Based on this analysis, five and a half thousand cases of data breach i.e. digital breaches were registered across the world. One type of digital burglary is phishing, that is, stealing money from banks’ credit cards, etc. The second type is ransomware ie ransomware. In this, the computer networks of people, companies are taken over by cyber attack and in return they are extorted with huge ransom. The analysis revealed that there was an increase of 11 percent in phishing and 6 percent in ransomware as compared to last year.

The third type of cybercrime is the crime of insulting people on social media in one way or the other, which are being done through apps like Sulli-Bulli Bai. In the last one-and-a-half years alone, there has been an increase of six and a half hundred percent in cases like cleaning hands on people’s bank accounts, privacy ie identity related data. The annual number of such incidents in India has reached six-seven lakhs.

The big question here is how to prevent such cyber crimes. However, legal remedy is one way. But it is not just about making laws. Since cybercriminals are now operating in gangs either inland or internationally, the money siphoned from accounts goes overnight outside one country to other locations.

Similarly, apps like Bulli Bai, which are being built on a platform called GitHub, are being operated from abroad. In such a situation, the laws of the land become redundant. The most difficult is for those people who have to adopt virtual options of banking, shopping under compulsion (such as in the Corona era) and who do not have any understanding and knowledge of these cyber measures. Such people often take the help of unknown people to withdraw money from ATMs and even tell them the PIN number of their ATM.

Obviously, along with making digital arrangements necessary, it becomes the responsibility of the government to make laws and make provisions for stringent punishments and ensure action on every complaint lodged in cyber police stations. Right now the situation is that the cyber police does not do any other work except registering a complaint after heel-huzzat. Often the victims themselves have to make rounds of banks and police stations. Keep in mind that in our country, a large army of vicious people and unemployed people sitting empty-handed are intent on robbing citizens of America-UK through fake call centers etc. In such a situation, if the cyber criminals are not caught and punished very harshly, then this merger will grow like an incurable epidemic.


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