CrypTech Sixer: A New Platform For Fans Of Fantasy Cricket And Cryptocurrency

With the changing times, there is an opportunity to see and experience cricket in different forms.

Cricket is no less than a religion for the people of India. The sentiments of hundreds of people are associated with this game. With the changing times, there is an opportunity to see and experience cricket in different forms. “Fantasy Cricket” is one such unique dimension. It is an online game in which a virtual team is created. Points are awarded to the contestants based on the performance of this team in the game. To win a contest or tournament, the contestant must collect as many points as possible.

While Fantasy Cricket has enthralled the sports fans, cryptocurrencies have created a lot of excitement in the minds of those who are interested in investing in different things. Now imagine, what would it be like if there was a platform that offered a mix of Fantasy Cricket and Cryptocurrency? With this thinking, Ashok Kumar and Mayank Tated established CrypTech Sixer Fantasy Private Limited.

The sentiments of hundreds of people are connected with this game.

Talking about the thinking behind Kryptech Sixer, Ashok Kumar says, “We knew many people who were interested in both Fantasy Cricket and Cryptocurrency. We thought of creating a platform where these two different dimensions meet. This thought gave birth to Kryptech Sixer. Fantasy Cricket and Cryptocurrency are two areas that a lot of people have come to know about in a very short time. Since Kryptech Sixer is tied to these two things, we are hopeful that our platform will grow even faster.”

Its launch in October 2022 as a cricket application

Cryptech Sixer is designed as a Free-to-Play & Earn-Platform. It will be launched in October 2022 as a cricket application. It is expected that in a very short time many people will be able to join this application, win different types of prizes. Those who have limited knowledge about Fantasy Cricket and Cryptocurrency should also use this application because through this their knowledge will increase on these two topics.

Speaking on the subject, Mr. Mayank Tate said, “The beta version of Kryptech Sixer was launched this month and within a few days, we got a great response. Our application has been tested and praised by many renowned cricket players. Our application is built on the basis of Blockchain technology. We did this so that the information and data related to all our users is safe. You can use this application without any hesitation or hesitation.”You can view and understand this platform or application by visiting Kryptech Sixer rewards its users or competitors with crypto coins. The platform has named these crypto coins as “CT Coins”. Using these coins, you can enjoy the fantasy games on the application. This application has brought a lot of new innovations in the world of sports and virtual currency. Mr. Ashok Kumar and Mr. Mayank Tated are sure that in the times to come, there will be many platforms inspired by Kryptech Sixer.

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Shivam Bangwal

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