Crores of devotees will join this time in Kavad Yatra, which started after two years, Haridwar’s businessmen excited

Enthusiasm among devotees about Kavad Yatra postponed for two years due to Corona

The holy month of Sawan has started from tomorrow. Sawan has its own importance in Hinduism. Kanwar Yatra has special significance in the month of Sawan. In Hindu religion, worshiping Lord Shiva while traveling to Kanwar in the month of Sawan gives special results. The Kavad Yatra, postponed for two years due to Kovid, is to be held this year. Not only the devotees are excited for this, but the administration has also strengthened its preparations for this. A total of more than 5 crore passengers will participate in the journey starting after two years. The Kanwar Yatra was closed for two years due to Corona, so this time the number of devotees coming for the Yatra is expected to be more. After Corona, more and more devotees are joining the pilgrimage. 19 lakh people reached for Chardham Yatra while 1.28 lakh people reached for Amarnath Yatra. As far as Gujarat is concerned, last Sunday five lakh people had reached Pavagadh temple for darshan. In such a situation, looking at these figures, it can be said that religion has spread among people since the time of Corona. Crowds of devotees are gathering at every religious place. Seeing this, it seems that people’s faith in God increased during the Korana period.

In the month of Sawan, Shiva devotees take a pledge to visit Kanwar for the attainment of children, increase in comfort, marriage and fulfillment of special wishes. During the Kanwar Yatra, the Kanwariyas fill water in the Kanwar for different Shiva dhams and set out on foot for the Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva. Kavadiya Yatra is associated with ocean churning. When the poison came out in front of the nectar during churning, Lord Shiva swallowed it for the good of the world, but according to mythology, the negative effect of the poison caused swelling in the body of the deity. He was freed from the negative effects of the poison by anointing him with the holy water of the Ganges, which he brought in a yoke to soothe the inflammation. Another belief is that in Treta Yuga, Shravan Kumar first traveled to Kanwar to fulfill the wishes of his parents. He took his parents to Haridwar by sitting in Kanwar. After this, he made his parents bathe in the Ganges and while returning, offered Gangajal to the Shivling, since then the Kavad Yatra started. Some people also say that Lord Parashuram had filled Gangajal from Garhmukteshwar and offered it to Shivling and after that Kanwar started.

The Yatra started by some saints to you became popular among Shiva devotees. This journey is unique. Devotees reach Haridwar on foot on the banks of the Ganges. There he fills the Kavadiya with water and returns to anoint the water in the temples of his area. Facilities for 50 million people are being set up by local authorities. The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has made special arrangements to welcome the Kavadis. In view of Kanwar Yatra, police will also take stock of the security arrangements through helicopters on three major routes of the state. More than 150 companies of PAC have been deployed to maintain the security arrangements. Apart from this, 20 company central paramilitary forces were demanded from the center, out of which 11 company forces have been made available. All these are being deployed at sensitive places. Seva Kendras have been set up at many places to welcome Kavadiya Shiva devotees, thousands of policemen are ready to control the traffic.

The Delhi government has set up 129 camps for the Kavad Yatra, which runs from July 14 to July 26. So that passengers can get the facility of comfort. Apart from the government, other charitable organizations also put up tents for Kavadia. Mainly from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, this road is crowded with pedestrians. Kavadia Yatra reaches Haridwar, Gomukh, Gangotri via Meerut, Saharanpur, Ghaziabad, Shamli. Several incidents of Kavadia’s death due to vehicle collision have come to the fore.

In this sequence, lakhs of people do the Giriraj Parikrama in Mathura. Lakhs of people also perform parikrama in Girnar, but it is very difficult to return to Kavadiya, carrying water on their shoulders and then anointing the Shivling, in which the number of five crore Kavadis is not less. With the shouts of bombs and bombs, the city of Dharma has started turning saffron. With the chanting of Har Har Mahadev, the Kanvidyas have started leaving for their destinations with the Ganges water. On Wednesday, crowds of Kanwariyas were seen in other Ganga Ghats and markets including Harki Paidi. The season of boom will come for the traders of Haridwar. This kavadiya will pass through cities or villages where shops will be crowded. For such a village, Kavad Yatra proves to be the same as Sanjeev. Small shopkeepers call it Kavadiya Season. When five crore kavadis pass through a town with a population of 25 lakhs in a week, all the food items are sold. That is why the Kavadiya Yatra is called the journey of Sanjeev.

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