Creepy: Ex-boyfriend made a relationship with someone else, then girlfriend did something that you will be shocked to know

When the girlfriend came to know about the relationship, first threatened the girl and then killed her.

After being in a love relationship, people become very cautious about their partner and sometimes if their partner is seen doing something wrong, then they beat or scold him, but after hearing the matter that has come up now, you will repent. During a break from a long-term relationship, a young man was dating another girl. When his girlfriend came to know about him, she started threatening him and then killed him.

Let us tell you that when the girl came to know that her lover is having an affair with another girl. Then he threatened the other girl and shot her to death. According to the police, he is absconding since then. The body of 25-year-old professional cyclist Anna Morea Wilson was found on May 11 at a home in Austin, USA. She had come from San Francisco to take part in a bike race.

A police source told investigators that 34-year-old Yogi Caitlin Armstrong became furious when she learned that her live-in cyclist boyfriend Colin Strickland had an affair with Wilson in January 2022. Yogi even says that she is so angry that she wants to kill Wilson. Actually, Yogi and Colin had taken a break from the relationship at that time. Colin has confessed to the police that she had been dating Wilson for some time in January 2022. According to the case affidavit, Colin stated that he did not have a long-term romance with Wilson and that everything was resolved immediately.

Wilson’s family said in a statement to Chelsea that “we believe this should make it clear that people close to Wilson knew at the time of his death that he was not in a relationship with anyone.” According to a police affidavit, Wilson was with Colin at a local pool shortly before her death.

Now US Marshals are looking for Yogi in this case. She has run away. Yogi has been charged with first-degree murder of Wilson. Based on the investigation and evidence so far, it is believed that Yogi was the murderer of Wilson.

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