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Jaipur : The Ashok Gehlot government of Rajasthan has made such an announcement, after which the cattle and cattle rearers are facing various types of concerns. The government has announced that now to raise Gaya, one has to first take a license from the government, only after that the cattle owners will be able to rear the cow.

Be careful now those who keep cows

After the new cow rearing rule of the Rajasthan government, now it has become almost impossible to rear cows in urban areas because according to the rules made by the government, 95 percent of the urban population will no longer be able to raise cows. According to the new rules, it has been made necessary to have 100 yards of land for rearing cows. Apart from this, the responsibility of putting the cow dung out of the urban area will also be the responsibility of the animal husband. (Ashok Gehlot)

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Neighbors don’t even bother

According to the new rules, the people living near the place where the animal has tied the animal should not be a problem. If the neighbors complain about the animal husband, then action will be taken against him. Apart from this, if the animal is found wandering, a fine of ten thousand rupees will be imposed on the animal husband.(Ashok Gehlot)

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Gaumata amidst complicated laws

The new rules of the government are so complex that after this it has become almost impossible to rear cows in urban areas. According to the rules, 100 square yards of land for cattle can be kept by those who have a house of five hundred square yards, whereas in urban areas, even five percent of the population does not have five hundred square yards of house. In this way, 95 percent of the urban population will be deprived of cow rearing on its own. Along with this, only one year’s license will be given to the livestock owner, after the license expires, he will have to get it rebuilt which will be made from the Gopalan Department. To get a license, one has to go through many legal procedures first. While issuing the license, the animal husbandry will be banned with many conditions and also the license can be canceled after violating the rules, after which that animal husband will not be able to keep the animal. (Ashok Gehlot)

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