COVID-19 In Lucknow: Kovid wards in private hospitals will start by January 11, DM Abhishek Prakash has given instructions. 1 News Track English


COVID-19 In Lucknow: On Tuesday, District Magistrate Abhishek Prakash called a meeting of government and private hospitals in the Collectorate regarding the rising Kovid infection. In which he said that the Kovid hospitals wishing to increase the capacity will get full cooperation of the district administration. Also, he directed all the hospitals to arrange one COVID ALS ambulance each. After which, it was told by the private hospitals that all the preparations would be completed in the next two to four days.

Sahara, Medanta and Chandan will start Kovid Ward by Thursday

In view of the increasing cases of corona positive cases in the state, all the top officials of the health department including DM Abhishek Prakash have come on alert. Where Kovid ward shuru has been started in KGMU, PGI from Tuesday. At the same time, in the meeting, the District Magistrate was told by Sahara, Medanta, Chandan and many other private hospitals that their Kovid wards would start within the next two days. All the arrangements have been completed, in the next 2 days, the admission of Kovid patients will be started.

Kovid wards in all private hospitals will start by January 11

All the government hospitals, who reached the meeting held in the collectorate auditorium, were told that they would prepare their covid wards in the next 2-4 days. At the same time, by January 10 -11, private hospitals agreed to start their Kovid wards. After which, the District Magistrate ordered that whatever arrangements are made for the Kovid ward, they should be ensured in time.

Overcharging will not be tolerated

In the meeting, the District Magistrate requested all the private hospitals to cooperate in preventing this epidemic and reducing the loss of life through high treatment. Also, he directed that in no case any kind of overcharging should be done from Kovid patients. Otherwise, strict action will be taken under the Epidemic Act on receipt of the complaint. Apart from this, he directed that it should be ensured that the families of Kovid patients are called daily or once a day through video calls.

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