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WHO Warning On Omicron Variant: The Coronavirus pandemic has once again started wreaking havoc all over the world. Corona cases are increasing rapidly in India too. In the last 24 hours, more than 50 thousand cases have been registered in the country, which has increased the concern of the Health Department. Meanwhile, in other countries including India, there is a steady increase in the cases of Omicron. So far, the new form of Corona has spread its feet in about 100 countries. After which these countries have imposed strict restrictions to control the infection.

While governments are trying to rein in the spread of the new form, on the other hand, scientists are issuing new warnings about Omicron. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said in a new warning about Omicron that among the new form of corona, do not make the mistake of treating cold and cough as a common disease. Omicron can cause the entire medical system to collapse. The organization says that now it is very important to be careful.

Omicron can become the cause of death

WHO Senior Emergencies Officer Catherine Smallwood says that even though Omicron is less lethal than Delta, it can also cause death. He said that we are in a very dangerous phase right now. Infection rates have increased significantly in Western Europe, but the full impact is not yet clear. The officer says that we need to be very careful.

It is worth noting that the World Health Organization (WHO) is constantly issuing warnings about new variants of corona. More recently, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that Omicron being more contagious during the Delta outbreak indicates the possibility of a tsunami in corona cases. He said the risk associated with Omicron remains very high.

What is the status of Omicron in India (Omicron In India)?

Let us tell you that till now this new form of corona has spread its feet in about 100 countries of the world, while cases of Omicron have been confirmed in 25 states and union territories of India. After the entry of the new form of Corona in the country, 1892 cases have been reported so far. Most of the Omicron infected are from Maharashtra, Delhi.

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