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Coronavirus New Study: Concern around the world has increased since the new variant of Coronavirus (Coronavirus Ka Naya Variant) came out. The havoc of Omicron Variant is being seen in many countries including Europe, UK. Meanwhile, a new study has raised the concern of all the countries of the world. According to this study, scientists have warned that a new variant of the corona can potentially spread to humans due to deer.

This study has been done in Ohio, USA, which has raised the possibility that animals can act as a reservoir for the virus. Also, more dangerous variants of corona can come out from them. It is reported that at least three variants of Kovid-19 have been detected in wild white-tailed deer. It is clear that so far many variants of corona have been revealed around the world. Delta wreaked havoc earlier this year, which has now raised concerns from Omicron.

Humans can be infected with new variants

Professor Andrew Bowman, senior author of the study at Ohio State University, says that based on the facts of other studies, deer may be vulnerable to the virus in the wild. Deer can also be infected in the lab and because of this there is a strong possibility of spreading the virus from deer to deer. He said that we are assuming that if deer are getting infected in the forest and if the virus remains in them then they can infect humans with new variants of Kovid. In fact, as the virus spread among deer, it has come to the fore that they can bring forth more variants and dangerous forms.

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Virus mutants inside deer make two things possible

Professor Bowman says that due to the presence of the virus in deer, two things are possible, one is that due to the mutant of corona inside the deer, new variants can reach humans as well as other species or the other thing is to infect deer. A person may not have better immunity to avoid the variant. Scientists say that if a new variant of Kovid-19 comes out due to deer, then the problems of humans can increase further.

About the study, it has been told that between January and March 2021, deer saplings were taken, whose genome sequencing revealed that the deer were infected with variants similar to the variants found in local Kovid patients. However, it is not yet known how the deer got infected, or how the corona virus behaves on the animal’s body.

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