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Coronavirus Third Wave: The country is still recovering from the second wave of Corona that the third wave of Corona has knocked. At the same time, corona infection in children was found only between eight and ten percent of the world. Who mostly got cured by staying in their own house. Very few children lost their lives due to Corona. But everyone is worried about the third wave of Corona. Meanwhile, if health experts are to be believed, this time the level of corona infection in children may remain around them. This is the reason why parents of children need not worry much. But it needs to be cautious.

According to an expert from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, no authentic research has been done on the third wave of corona. But on the basis of some data, experts from National Institute of Disaster Management and IIT Kanpur have expressed three levels of possibilities about the third wave.

According to the first possibility, if people make mutual contact as usual, then by the month of October, the third wave of corona may come. But very few people can fall ill due to immunity during vaccination. Whereas, according to the second possibility, if a new mutation is found in the corona under the delta variant itself, then it can be more dangerous infectious than the delta. And with this, the peak of the third wave may come in the month of September instead of October. On the other hand, according to the third possibility, if people make vaccinations, masks and physical distance during this period, then the third wave of corona can come by the end of October.

how to protect kids

To keep children safe from the third wave of corona, it is necessary for parents to get both doses of the vaccine. Along with this, all the servants and teachers of the house are also required to get the vaccine. Apart from this, send the children to school only by wearing a mask.



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