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Coronavirus in India: People found corona positive, who do not have any symptoms, have been advised to stay in isolation for only 5 days. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has made this recommendation based on the safety received from the vaccine and booster doses.

CDC Director Rochelle Valensky said the new recommendation was made to balance the current situation. Now it is enough to isolate the asymptomatic infected for only 5 days and after the period of 5 days, the mask should be worn for 5 more days.

The CDC has also said that people who have not received a booster dose of the vaccine and have come in contact with someone infected should be quarantined for 5 days. Valensky said the recommendation has been made to ensure that people continue to live their everyday lives safely.

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But there has been some controversy over these recommendations of the CDC. Experts have called it a hasty decision taken without thinking. Experts say that some people are in a position to spread the infection for 3 days, while in some people this period is 12 days. Those who have not become negative after 5 days, the justification for giving such exemption is not right. Isolation should end only after negative test.

Earlier there was a controversy regarding making vaccination certificate mandatory for domestic travel. President Joe Biden’s Chief Medical Adviser Anthony Fauci has made this proposal. Dr Fauchi has said that by making vaccination certificate mandatory for air travel, people will get more security. Right now the federal order is only about wearing masks. Making vaccination mandatory is likely to start legal tussle, so any decision in this regard will be taken very carefully.


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