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Coronavirus: Scientists are constantly issuing warnings to the third wave of corona virus. It is being said that children are most at risk of infection in the third wave. In such a situation, now these questions are also arising in the minds of people whether corona infection can be spread from children? That is, if children become Kovid positive, then there is a risk of infection from them to someone else? A recent study was conducted regarding this, in which shocking revelations have been made. The study was carried out by the Canadian Public Health Agency.

In the study, scientists have told that infants and children may be at higher risk of spreading corona than adolescents. Infected children can also spread the infection rapidly to other family members. Scientists have also told in the study that why the risk of infection of Kovid from children is believed to be so high? It has been told in the study that the main reason behind the high prevalence of infection from young children can be said to be behavioral factors.

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Why is there a risk of spreading infection from children

According to scientists, just as an older person, who is Kovid positive, needs more care, children also need more care. Children are unable to follow the necessary rules on their own and cannot be isolated. In such a situation, they need other people to take care of them. Due to which the risk of getting infected by other people in the house also increases.

Researchers say that in such a situation, the caregiver should follow all the safety measures and also follow the Kovid rules at home. Wearing a mask should also be done at home.

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