Corona’s new variant ‘XE’ entry in India! Patient surfaced in Mumbai, 43% more deadly than Omicron

Mumbai | XE Corona New Variant in India: A very scary big news has come out for the people of India. The decreasing cases of corona infection in the country may once again be a setback because a new variant of corona found in the foreign countries of the world has knocked in India as well. On Wednesday, patients of two new variants of corona have appeared in Mumbai. According to the information, in Mumbai, a patient of Corona’s XE and another patient of Kappa variant have come to the fore.

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Health department alerted in Mumbai
XE Corona New Variant in India: The Mumbai Municipal Corporation has given information about the first case of new variant XE of Corona in India in Mumbai. The patient infected with the XE variant is a 50-year-old female who is vaccinated. The woman had returned from South Africa on February 10. Apart from this, he does not have any travel history. The patients suffering from the new variant are not showing any serious symptoms. Let us tell you that, after the relief from Corona in the country, recently the restrictions imposed on Corona from Mumbai in Maharashtra were also abolished. But now once again the health department has come on alert mode due to the knock of the new variant. The BMC has asked people to take utmost care and has suggested wearing masks in crowded places, following social distancing.

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This is how the new variant was detected in Mumbai
XE Corona New Variant in India: It has been said by BMC that samples of a total of 376 people suffering from corona were sent for genome sequencing. Out of which the results of 230 samples have come out. Of these cases, 228 cases turned out to be of the Omicron variant. But, one case of XE variant and one Kappa variant has come to the fore. Out of all these patients, 21 have been admitted to the hospital. It has also come to the fore that, out of these, 12 patients are also those who did not take a single dose of corona vaccine.

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Such is the current situation of Corona in India right now
The cases of corona, which have been decreasing in India since the last days, have increased a bit today. In the last 24 hours, 1,086 cases of corona have been registered in the country and 71 people have died. However, 1198 corona patients have also been discharged during this period.

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