Corona worsens in China, ban on marriage-funeral, lockdown in 27 cities, people imprisoned in starving homes

New Delhi | Lockdown in China: China, the country that introduced the world to the corona virus, is now battling this disease itself. Due to the increasing corona infection in China, the Chinese government has adopted zero covid policy in the country, due to which 27 cities of China are currently under lockdown. Due to which people are facing a lot of trouble.

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16.5 crore population imprisoned in homes

Not only China, corona infection has increased in many countries of the world. But at this time the worst condition is of China. According to media reports, China has imposed complete or mini-lockdown in at least 27 cities. Due to the lockdown here, a population of 16.5 crore is imprisoned in homes. People are craving for food and drink. People have to bear a lot of trouble for each and every item. The Chinese government is adamant on its zero covid policy. Due to which strict steps like lockdown, mass testing, quarantine and closing of borders are being taken to prevent infection. Due to these restrictions of the government people are forced to die of hunger. In such a situation, there is a lot of resentment among the people towards the Chinese government.

Ban on marriage ceremony and funeral
The worst situation among them is in Shanghai. Corona test of people is being done here thrice a week. Still, the cases are not taking the name of stopping. A similar situation is in the capital Beijing. Here a population of 2.5 crore is imprisoned in homes. All schools in Beijing have been closed and wedding ceremonies and funerals have been banned.

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