Corona Vaccine: Now the fourth dose of corona vaccine will be administered in Israel, the first country to do so. 1 News Track English

Corona Vaccine: For protection from Coronavirus, only two to three doses of the vaccine are not enough. Rather, now the fourth dose (Corona Vaccine Fourth Dose) has come. That is why Israel has decided to introduce the fourth dose of the vaccine, becoming the first country in the world to do so.

Various types of vaccines have been developed showing historical speed to protect against corona. But the way this virus is becoming mutated, vaccines are also seen to be ineffective. It is also being proved in the Omicron variant that the vaccine is not very effective. Corona Vaccine Third Dose is now being applied in America and Europe to protect against Omicron. But even three doses may not be enough because a person who returned from America in India was found infected with Omicron, who had taken three doses of Pfizer.

Israel will administer the fourth dose of the vaccine

In view of these circumstances, Israel has decided to take a bold step and apply the fourth dose. The fourth dose will be administered to people above 60 years of age, people at risk groups and health workers. A panel of health experts in Israel has recommended a fourth dose. Welcoming the panel’s recommendations, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has ordered that officials prepare a campaign to apply the fourth dose. Bennett has said that this is a very good recommendation from experts, with this we will be able to overcome the wave of Omicron. He said that the citizens of Israel were the first to get the third dose of the corona vaccine in the world. Now we are going to be the leader in fourth dose also.

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What will be the difference between the third and fourth doses

The recommendation of the expert panel needs to get the final approval of Nashman Ash, Director General, Ministry of Health. This work will be started after getting the approval. The panel of experts has recommended that the fourth dose be administered at least four months after the third dose. First of all, the fourth dose will be given to those above 60 years of age, health workers and people with risk groups. Those people who have any disease or immunity problem come in the risk group.

The third booster dose was first administered in Israel itself

In the world, the third booster dose was first started in Israel itself. At first these doses were applied to at-risk groups but after a few weeks it was made available to the general public. Of the 9.3 million people in Israel, 4 million people have received the third dose of the Israelis. The fourth dose of the vaccine is being researched by the Sheba Medical Research Center. Fourth dose research is going on here on 200 volunteers to find out the level of antibodies. This is the first such research in the world. Professor Galia Rahav of Sheba Medical Center says that the difficult decision of additional boosters has been taken in view of the nature of corona being seen in the world these days. On December 21, 170 new cases of Omicron have been found in Israel, while there are 807 suspected cases. In Israel, sanctions have been imposed again to prevent the spread of Omicron.

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