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Corona Vaccine: Now children in India will get corona vaccine and those above 60 years will get booster dose. PM Narendra Modi has announced this. Early indications show that two doses of the vaccine are not effective against Omicron, but after Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, AstraZeneca has now reported that its booster injections of the vaccine protect against Omicron. can. The same has been said about Covaxin vaccine and Sputnik V vaccine.

It is not yet clear whether the booster or precaution dose in India will be of the same vaccine that has been given twice before or whether the booster injection can be of any vaccine. It is possible that some clarity will come about this in the future.


A new study from the University of Oxford has found that a booster injection of the AstraZeneca vaccine increases the level of neutralizing antibodies of the Omicron variant in the human body. This vaccine is known in India as Covishield and is being produced by Serum Institute of India. One month after the booster injection of Covishield, the same level of antibodies against the Omicron variant was observed in the person, which was seen one month after taking the second dose against the delta variant. Also the antibodies produced in the human body after the booster shot The levels were higher than those found after recovery from infection with delta or another variant.

Covishield and Covaxin (File Photo – Social Media)


People who have taken Covaxin in India can also be given a booster dose. WHO recommends that those taking a fully inactivated virus-based vaccine should receive a booster dose because of the risk of Omicron. Covaxin is one such vaccine. Scientists from the Indian Council for Medical Research and the National Institute of Virology have said that the booster dose of Covaxin can prove to be effective on different variants of the corona.


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