Corona Vaccination in India: Today’s biggest news, people above 60 years of age who got booster dose got relief. 1 News Track English

Corona Vaccination: Big news has been received amidst increasing cases of corona in the country. In such a situation, from January 3 on the new year, children of 15 to 18 years will start getting the corona vaccine. In view of the increasing danger, from January 10, the elderly and frontline workers will also be given a booster dose.

In such a situation, people above 60 years, who have any health-related disease, will not have to show any kind of medical certificate to get a booster dose of corona. Information about this has been given by the Ministry of Health. The Health Ministry said that such people must take medical advice before getting a booster dose. Due to which guidelines have been issued by the Ministry of Health for people of 15-18 years.

According to the Ministry of Health, first appointments for vaccination can be taken online or by visiting the center. But this facility will be available at the center only when the vaccination slots are vacant.

On the vaccine, the central government had said in the guidelines that the third dose of vaccine would be given to health workers, frontline workers and citizens above 60 years of age suffering from serious diseases like heart. But only those people will get the vaccine, whose 9 months or 39 weeks have been completed after taking the second dose.

At the same time, people of the age of 15 years or more will be able to register on Co-Win. The special thing is that all of them will be given only Covaccine, because this is the only vaccination listed for emergency use for 15 to 17 years of age.

In this regard, Covin Chief Dr. RS Sharma said that the healthcare workers who have received two doses and senior citizens with critical illnesses will receive SMS on their mobiles to register for the booster shot.

Further Dr. Sharma said, ‘Senior citizens would already be registered on the Covin platform as they would have already taken two doses. We also know when he took the last dose. As soon as 9 months of taking the second dose are completed, the CoWin app will send an SMS with the intimation that if they have a serious comorbidity, they can now take the prescriptive dose.


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